Not receiving our email confirmations on / or

Microsoft is trying hard to combat spam, but unfortunately something they’ve added recently is taking our confirmation emails (likely the discussion of money) and putting them into your Spam folder.

If you have one of these email addresses and you think you are missing an email from us, please look first in your Junk E-mail folder, mark the message as “Not Junk” and then in you can left-click on an address in the To: field to add it to your Outlook Contacts.

Here’s how you can make sure you get our emails before they land in your Junk folder:

1. Add our email addresses to your Outlook Contacts

Normally you will receive automated emails from either:

Personally addressed email will normally come from:

By default, email addresses in your Outlook contacts (in the Outlook Desktop application and on Web App) are considered “safe senders” by Microsoft’s Junk Email Filter. Email messages from safe senders are never moved to the Junk E-mail folder.
Add addresses to Outlook Contacts Instructions from Microsoft

2. Or add us to your “Safe Senders” list directly (what’s also known as a whitelist).

You’ll need to log into OUTLOOK.COM Web App to access your Safe Senders list.  Here are some clear instructions on how to do this posted on