Photography Policy

Camping Week 2012 (Camp Waterdown)As part of our registration process, we ask parents / guardians to give consent for photography that may include their child to be used within the program, to share with other children, for record keeping and occasionally for use in our public website, brochures or display in our programs for other parents.

Parents can also ask for their child not to be photographed or photographs used only for specific purposes.

The photographer may be staff from the program, students, and occasionally with special permission; other parents, reporter or public figure.

Occasionally our program is featured in a news or day care publication.  We let parents know beforehand if a publication wishes to use photographs of identifiable children from our program.

Parents/Guardians can ask for photographs containing identifiable images of their child to be removed from our website at any time, even if prior consent is given.

Private Online Group Photo Galleries

In 2014 we are introducing private online activity posts and galleries that will only be accessible by Parent/Guardians who are logged in to our web site and have a child in one of our particular programs.

For example, if you have a child in our Summer Camp Program only, then with your online username, you would be able to access private posts and galleries for the Summer Camp as long as you are registered, but might not be able to access photos from the Pre-School Program or other programs (unless you have a child registered there).

If your child, or other your children are registered in two or more programs, then you would have access to those program private groups while they remain registered.

Some posts and galleries will be carried forward to help illustrate future programs. Non-members and the general public will NOT have access to private posts and galleries.

Your privacy is important to us, and we use our best efforts to ensure that all photographs of identifiable children from our programs are securely stored and not available publicly without your prior consent.