Additional Elementary School Strike Information, potential school closings Feb 6 & Feb 7

Elelmentary Teacher's Federation Waterdown

P.S. Our Full Day Alternate Care program at Guy Brown (for school strikes) is now taking Wait List Only requests. We will have the occasional space to allocate based on known absences, but there won’t be many.

Please note that our staff is unable to accompany children to and from the program through the picket lines, that must be done by parents/guardians or a pre-arranged alternate with identification to our staff.

ETFO has now announced it’s potential intention to walk out on two additional dates the first week of February if the Province doesn’t return to the bargaining table to settle their contract:  Thursday, February 6th (One Day All Province Walk Out), and Friday, February 7th (Hamilton-Wentworth area)

As far as we know at this time, in addition to our pre-registration only (no walk-ins allowed) program this Friday, January 31 at Guy B. Brown Elementary, we are seeking approval to be able to hold programs on future strike dates, which need to be confirmed by the HWDSB before we can confirm with parents.

HWDSB Note to Parents Regarding Crossing Picket Lines

Picketing during a lawful strike is a legal right of protest (Ontario Labour Relations Act). This information is provided to ensure that members of the school community have information related to picket lines.

Crossing a picket line

All staff, students, parents and visitors have the right to cross picket lines without harassment or intimidation.

When crossing a picket line, calmly inform the picket captain that you wish to cross.

The picketers in a legal strike situation may stop an individual and speak to them for several minutes without breaking the law. Picketers may also pass out informational material which you may wish to accept.

Interactions with picketers

We encourage individuals crossing the picket line to not get involved in arguments or altercations with people on the picket line. Please do not try to force your way through the picket line. You may choose to explain the reason you are entering school property (e.g. picking up a child).

Intimidation or attempted intimidation of a person is unlawful.

Should difficulties arise preventing your entrance, you should immediately leave the scene, call the school office, and ask to speak to a principal or vice-principal.

Any criminal acts should be reported directly by the victim to the police.

When possible, individuals should try to minimize the number of times during the day that they cross a picket line. This will minimize class delays and wait times.


If you are driving through a picket line, please drive carefully to ensure that you do not injure a picketer. Pass through only when you have been permitted to do so.

Parents dropping off and picking up their children are encouraged to park off school property and walk to the school. If possible, consider carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles crossing the picket line.

While waiting to cross, individuals in vehicles should be careful to avoid blocking traffic on the road. It is suggested that individuals try to approach the school from the right side (so that they turn right into the driveway of the school), avoiding having to cross the road and waiting in the middle of the road.


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