UPDATED: Open to All prior Camp Waterdown Families: All Day Alternate Care (if classes cancel due to strike) Pre-Registration

This pre-registration is ONLY for strikes affecting students in Public Schools in Waterdown (Mary Hopkins, Guy Brown, Flamborough Centre, and Allan A. Greenleaf).

(UPDATED Sunday January 19:  Now accepting pre-registrations from all Camp Waterdown / WDCC Families who have been registered for any of our prior programs.  (If you have registered for our previous Summer, March Break, PA Day or Holiday Programs, you will now find a link to pre-register for a potential ETFO Strike date in your Family Registration page online.  There isn’t a specific “program registration page.” You do have to have a valid past registration in our system to apply.

It does look like ETFO has announced rotating strike action covering a number of Ontario School Areas next week, but it does look like the Waterdown / Hamilton Area will not be one of them.

In order to be prepared for the week following, in case we are hit with an Elementary School closure due to a strike action by ETFO (the elementary teachers’ union), we are inviting our School Age Program families, who are registered for Before & After School Care, to pre-register via online form.

The fee for a day will be $47 less a pro-rated amount if you have pre-paid care in our Before or After School Program for THAT day of closure, according to this table:

Fee Structure

  • Added Fee (if Before School prepaid): $36.36
  • Added Fee (if After School only prepaid): $31.46
  • Added Fee (if both Before & After School prepaid):$26.30
  • Fee (if Registered for Before or After School and on Subsidy Contract with WDCC): Your Daily Parental Contribution, as applicable

If you aren’t attending our Before & After program on the weekday of a school closure, then the full $47 fee would be charged.

In the form, you can not only select attendance at a first school closure, but, if a Before & After School participant, can also choose to pre-register for any school closures this school year (until a settlement is reached or our options change).

Log in to your Family Registration Page to Register

Clarification on cancellations (Update)

We do understand that without a closure date in place yet, some families may want to register but also cancel if on that announced date they already have alternate care in place.
To clarify, the Union must announce a picket 5 days before it can commence. If a settlement is made, everyone’s pre-registration and charges are cancelled or refunded.
After you register, you have the option to cancel (by email or Change Request Form) at any time up to 24 hours AFTER a strike date is announced by the Union (with or without our notification, so you do need to watch the Union or HWDSB news for announcements).
This gives families a fair way to cancel their pre-registration for our program (and either not be charged, or be refunded if prepaid) but also gives other waiting families a fair chance at that space. 24 hours after a strike date to our schools is announced, we consider all remaining registrations (for that announced date) to be committed and non-refundable (whether pre-paid or not). (You can, of course, cancel your option on future strike dates under the same conditions.)
Should you cancel, you will be cancelling your entire pre-registration including opt-in option for ALL future strike dates and you would then need to re-register online AFTER any new strike date is announced, if we are still able to offer space for that date.
This is because we must offer to others what you have cancelled, and they in turn may want to opt-in for future strike dates.
As we do still have to pay for rental space, staff, and other expenses, we must fill space on a first come basis in order to be able to provide this service.
Please contact us if you have any questions in this regard.

Available Space is Limited and on a First Come basis.

IMPORTANT: As we have launched this registration form in a hurry, if you encounter any issues registering, please contact register@campwaterdown.com and we will attempt to help you as quickly as possible.

Register from your Family Registration Page

Elementary school aged siblings of children attending our before & after school programs, or who have attended in the past can also register for and attend by registering from your Family Registration page.  A $47 fee will be requested to be paid in advance via INTERAC or Credit Card (PayPal).

That fee will either be pre-paid, or it will be added to your Pre-Authorized Billing for Before or After School Program Registered children. (We apologize that for some families this will mean splitting payments, but is done so that we can apply a credit for your pre-paid Before & After School Fees if they apply.)

The City of Hamilton has pre-approved families covered by a Subsidy Contract for our Before & After School program to be covered for the full day according to the Daily Parental Contribution contract fee, if any.

We or the HWDSB may cancel our program should we not be able to safely access facilities to hold the program, or the special permission given changes.

What about a Government Rebate?

Ontario Support for Parents Rebate Program

You are also able to access a special new Support for Parents rebate program provided by the Ontario Government (up to $40 per day for JK/SK Students and up to $25 per day for GR 1- 8 Students) to provide a rebate for child care expenses caused by a labour dispute. Details can be found here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/education-contract-talks-stay-updated (opens in a new tab or window).

What happens if a settlement is reached before a school closure occurs?

If ETFO is able to resolve its labour dispute with the Ontario government, our Morning and Afternoon programs will be open in all schools for registered families as usual. No additional charges would be levied and any pre-paid registrations would be refunded for care not given.

How will I know?

An announcement will be posted to the web site’s front page, an email sent to registered families, Facebook and Twitter as soon as practical, when a pre-registration form is available, and if any changes to the program are expected.

What if my family is not registered for a Camp Waterdown Before & After School program?

At this time we are only admitting families who are either registered for our Before & After School program, or who have registered in the past (and their siblings).  Should that change, a message will be posted on our site.

Please direct any questions to info@campwaterdown.com
or stay tuned for more information!


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