Camp Weekly Schedules and Reminders for Drop off!

Camp Waterdown - Waterdown District Children's Centre, Waterdown High School Ontario

Wondering what cool activities we will have this summer?

Show your camper what exciting and new activities we have for summer 2016! Our Weekly Schedules (printable PDFs) for our Junior and Senior programs can be found on our Summer 2016 Camp Waterdown Schedules (click me)

Quick Reminders:

  • We have moved to Waterdown District Highschool (215 Parkside Dr).
    You will park at the EAST parking lot near the new gym.
  • You will need to check in and check out your child(ren) each day, no “kiss and rides” (volunteers excepted)
  • Hours of Operation are from 9am-4pm with FREE extended care being offered from 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm.
  • If you will be away we ask you to call 905-902-1261 the day before or by 8:45 am the day of at the latest, especially on those trip days!
  • Remember to bring a peanut free and sesame seed free lunch. Pack a lunch similar to school as we have two nutrition breaks.
  • Label all personal Belongings! (You should SEE the pile of lost and found articles we end up with at the end of every summer.)
  • For questions or concerns regarding camp call us at 905-902-1261 or email us at

Where to Drop Off:

NEW Checkpoint Room: This is where parents will Sign in and Sign out campers. All parents/guardians are asked to visit our Checkpoint room during pick up and drop off.
Step 1: Find their name on our Communication Wall
Step 2: Once your find your child’s name and know their group colour, you can go to our morning greeter and so we can sign in your child! At this point our staff will conduct a quick daily health check, give the camper a wristband and indicate the child’s drop off room.
Step 3: Now find the locker colour that corresponds with your childs group colour to store your schoolbag.
Step 4: Drop off your camper to the drop off room indicated by the greeter informed at check in (or look for signs that say “opening room”)
Step 5: Wish your camper an amazing day and rest assure they are in safe hands!

Where to Pick Up:

Step 1: Visit our CheckPoint Room
Step 2: Inform our afternoon greeter your child’s group colour. If you forget please check our communication wall.
Step 3: Pick up your child at the pick up room indicated by our greeter.
**ALL parents/guardians are asked to take a stop at our checkpoint room each day in order to ensure all of our campers safety both during pick up and drop off**

What to bring:

  • Extra change of clothes (just incase)
  • Lunch (peanut and sesame seed free)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat & running shoes
  • Swim suit & Towels for our water days
  • Remember to Label everything!

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