Clarification of Cancellation Terms for our All Day Alternate Care Program (for a Union strike)

For families registering for our All Day Alternate Care Program (for a Union strike), which is not yet open to the public.
We do understand that without a closure date in place yet, some families may want to register but also cancel if on that announced date they already have alternate care in place.
To clarify, the Union must announce a picket 5 days before it can commence. If a settlement is made, everyone’s pre-registration and charges are cancelled or refunded.
After you register, you have the option to cancel (by email or Change Request Form) at any time up to 24 hours AFTER a strike date is announced by the Union (with or without our notification, so you do need to watch the Union or HWDSB news for announcements).
This gives families a fair way to cancel their pre-registration for our program (and either not be charged, or be refunded if prepaid) but also gives other waiting families a fair chance at that space. 24 hours after a strike date to our schools is announced, we consider all remaining registrations (for that announced date) to be committed and non-refundable (whether pre-paid or not). (You can, of course, cancel your option on future strike dates under the same conditions.)
Should you cancel, you will be cancelling your entire pre-registration including opt-in option for ALL future strike dates and you would then need to re-register online AFTER any new strike date is announced, if we are still able to offer space for that date.
This is because we must offer to others what you have cancelled, and they in turn may want to opt-in for future strike dates.
As we do still have to pay for rental space, staff, and other expenses, we must fill space on a first come basis in order to be able to provide this service and may open this opportunity to the general public, if space remains, at the end of Friday January 17th.
Please contact me at if you have any questions in this regard.
Administration and Registration Manager, WDCC

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