FREE VIRTUAL ZOOM Summer Camp 2020 July 20 to August 21st. Pre-register and then drop in and out as your summer schedule permits

Good Morning Camp Waterdown Families and Friends,

We hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer holiday! We have enjoyed our Virtual Engagements on Zoom in April – June so much, that we have decided to create a new  Virtual Zoom Summer Camp to continue on with these sessions.

We are inviting your child(ren) to join in our Virtual Camp Waterdown sessions, offered Monday to Friday starting July 20th until August 21st.

In some cases your child may already be attending our Summer Day Camp Program at Guy Brown (for which we now have added capacity to register more campers), so we apologize if this invite overlaps.

NEW Starting Monday, August 10th: There will  no longer be three separate group sessions, all sessions will be combined at 10:00am. If you need to register please use the link below, if you have already registered for the 11:00am session or the 1:00 session do not worry, we will send you the proper link. 

All Ages at 10:00am

Your participation is free. Each session will be 1 hour long, and filled with engaging camp activities for your children to do while they are at home! We have attached a calendar PDF for your child’s group, for every week.

Please  PRE-REGISTER using the links above. Once approved, we will send you the Zoom Link. The Pre-Registration only needs to be done once per child for ALL weeks, and the Zoom Link you will be sent is good for all that age group’s daily Zoom Meetings.

(We’re trying the pre-registration option on Zoom to help ensure pre-identification of all participants to help ensure the security of our Zoom Channel. We WILL accept pre-registrations from local area families not registered for WDCC/Camp Waterdown programs by referral from our families, or where we can confirm their identity should you wish to forward this opportunity to neighbours or your children’s family and friends in the Hamilton Area.)

There is a remote possibility, because of the lateness of this invite that we may not be able to confirm your registration for Monday July 21 Zooms, in time, but we will try our best!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our Virtual Camp Waterdown sessions please contact Kristin McGaw at

We hope to see you Monday!

Calla, Rachel, and Kristin

Should you have any issue accessing this online registration, please contact for assistance.


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