Getting Ready for Next Week’s: Rock & Roll! The Speed and Motion Week  (Week 5 – July 29 – Aug 2)

Getting Ready for Next Week’s: 

Rock & Roll! The Speed and Motion Week
(Week 5 – July 29 – Aug 2)

Let’s wheel our way towards adventure and ramp up for a great week of mechanical fun!

We put our team activity wheels into drive and explore the mechanics of speed and motion! Machines and Ramps and Robots, oh my!

Please review the super important Programming section for your age group and the Important Reminders below so that you are fully prepared for the week*!

It is important that if you can; bring a portable device, like a laptop, iPad or tablet. It should be labelled with your name, and pre-loaded with the Lego Mindstorm Apps / Software detailed below. We will have only a limited number of tablets to share.

Parkside Drive Paving & Construction:
The driveway entrance to the High School Student Parking Lot may be blocked on certain days to facilitate the completion of the Parkside Drive Rehabilitation.  If so you can enter the Main Parking lot off Keewadin Street and CAREFULLY make your way past the Day Care Drop off entrance through the service road (North of the Track) to the Student Parking Lot.  Or you may park in the main parking lot and walk along the service road to the East Wing Camp Entrance.  
Please do not try to walk through the High School.

*In some cases activities and trips will change due to current weather conditions, and we always adhere to Severe Weather Alerts.


Junior Explorers (JK/SK)


Junior Explorers will get the chance to build, dig, race and explore with many of the Mighty Machines that do the dirty work in our communities! They will be visited by some special visitors with large and complex machines that make hard work a little bit easier.

On Thursday we will be taking a full day trip to Aladdin’s Adventures Indoor Playground in Burlington where they can get out all of their energy jumping, sliding and rolling.

Special Activity We will end our week with a “Mighty Machines Drive Inn” where they can each sit in their own cardboard created cars. Please ensure your campers come prepared to get a little bit messy or muddy and if you are able, bring a box big enough for them to sit in for Friday!

Reminder ALERT If you are able, please bring in a large cardboard box big enough for your camper to sit in. Please ensure your campers come prepared to be out in the sun (sunscreen, hats, shoulders covered), have appropriate footwear (socks and running shoes), and spare clothes as we may get a little messy!


Senior Adventurers (6-12yrs)


Senior Adventurers will be engaged in the wonderful and technical world of mechanics this week. They will be learning about everything that makes an engine roar and that keeps the wheels rotating.

On Thursday they will be taking a trip to the Canadian Warplane Museum in Hamilton to learn about aviation and how planes from throughout history make and take flight. Group challenges of the week will include making a derby car and finishing off by setting up their very own “Antique Road Show.”

Friendly Reminder If you are able, please bring in a large cardboard box big enough for your camper to sit in. Please make sure your campers are prepared with sun screen, comfortable clothing, socks and running shoes so they can get moving!

Friday! Make sure you take a look through their hard work on display Friday afternoon.


Mavericks (9-13yrs)


Mavericks are going to expand on our knowledge and understanding of all things robotics! We will be using our models to increase our tech awareness and capabilities in stop motion video production and robot challenges.

Tuesday we will be going on their trip to McMaster Planetarium and meeting up with First Lego League to meet and greet with some of their newest, life size bots. On Thursday they will be visited by Bricks 4 Kidz who will put their own spin on Lego Robotics, providing them with new and exciting ways to use what they know to create and conquer their own building goals.

Please review the special reminders below before day one of camp so your child can jump right into the program. It improves the experience if your child brings their own iPad, Tablet or Notebook/Laptop pre-loaded with the software below. Do not forget to affix your child’s Name and Phone Number on each device and charger cable. If you do not have access to a device to bring, we have a limited number at camp that may be shared.

IMPORTANT Reminder Children are asked to bring the following items:

● Device (laptop, iPad or tablet)

● Charger for their device

Please ensure that the device has the following application downloaded in order for the LEGO Mindstorm robot to be able to be programmed:

  • Any additional programming applications your child may wish to download.

All downloads are found at the LEGO Mindstorm website:

We require that all devices and chargers are labelled with each child’s name and phone number to avoid confusion and mix-ups.

And as always remember to bring comfortable clothes, running shoes, socks and dress for the weather as we always spend time outdoors!


If you have any urgent messages that need to be delivered to the Camp please call us on our site phone: 905-902-1261 or 905-902-1236

Emailed messages are NOT always monitored during the day.

If you have any questions about this week or the program, please email: or

Friend Requests

We do our best to pre-group children each week ahead of our first day of camp based on a number of important criteria and consideration of the many reciprocal friend requests we have received during registration. We do not accept or change friend requests after registration nor at the camp week itself. Grouping is done at our discretion. Our camp groups are now mostly full and not all friend requests can be honoured.

Please be reminded that as per our posted policy, a $35 fee per family per week is charged for making any changes to your child’s assigned group, age group or cancellation of registered weeks after May 31 (in addition to any refund penalty that may apply).

Let’s get our motors running for a fantastic Week 5 camp!!

Location & Hours

Waterdown District High School (East Wing)
215 Parkside Drive, East Student Parking Lot (look for signs)
Program tel: (905) 902-1261
(Please call this number with any absences,
emails do not normally reach the program in time)

Hours: 7am until 6pm
Main Program is 9am – 4pm  (Drop Off before 9am & Pick Up after 4pm ensures the easiest transitions and maximum fun – and is required on bus trip days!)

Extended hours (7-9am and 4-6pm) and a healthy snack during these times are included in your fee. When we are on a bus trip, we plan to be back by 4pm unless otherwise notified.

Parking: PLEASE NOTE that the East Wind Student Parking Lot entrance may be blocked by road work. In this case you may use the Main Parking Lot Entrance and carfully use the service road past the Day Care Drop-Off to access the East Parkign Lot.

Please park in any designated spot. You may not park, stop or idle in the drop-off / fire zone (we get complaints from the school and will have cars towed). Important: The SouthEast WDHS Entrance is the one closer to Centre Road/Hamilton Street North – you can not cross through the school from the main entrance (nor drive from the Main Parking Lot to the Student Parking Lot).

Parking Map

Check-in: We do not permit children to arrive and leave unaccompanied from our programs, you must park then come in to sign in and sign out your child(ren). All children must be checked in and out by their parent/guardian or a pre-authorized caregiver (recorded in your registration or given to our administration in advance in writing). Caregivers picking up will be asked to show us picture ID to confirm identity.

Each day, enter at the East Entrance and come up the stairs to check in at our “Check Point Room” – Room 2047 on your left.

First day: look for child’s name / group on the white board and then proceed to the sign in tables. The different tables will be clearly identified.

  • Jr. Explorers are either the Llamas, Flamingos or Unicorns
  • Sr. Adventures & Mavericks are different colour groups

At your sign-in table you will be greeted by one of our Camp Leaders. This would be a good time to communicate any specific needs, pre-arranged medication etc.

Once you have checked in you will write your child/children’s name on a locker which will be clearly marked to match your group (colour coordinated) and will remain the same for the week. Staff will direct you to the appropriate classroom where your fun day begins!

Please do not be afraid to ask our counsellors in uniform shirts for assistance if you need any help and remember the first day of each week can be a little bit chaotic!! We are all here to help and get ready for an awesome week!!

If it is a Bus Trip Day – arrive before 9:00am and do not wait outside for the bus, children must dropped off and signed-in inside the program to be admitted to your group and receive identification items before we leave.

Please note that if you miss the bus, we do not provide an alternative for care, nor can you bring your child to the field trip location for dropoff (or pickup, except in an emergency).

Main Program: At 9:15am sharp on the first day our campers will go for a morning pep rally and some exercise to get us ready for the day and the amazing week ahead of us. On the first day the camp leaders will be introduced to all campers, and then your group leaders will gather their group and continue the planned portion of our program.

Afternoon Pick-up: Enter at the same location as drop off. After 4pm please check the board in the middle of the hallway to find out which room your children’s group will be. Pick-up your child/children and sign them out in the check point room. As this time of day it can become very busy, please be patient and remember as numbers get lower children may be moved together to a different room than their usual. We do our best to make this as organized as possible.

Children must be picked up by their parent/guardian, or a pre-designated adult contact. We will ask for ID from all visitors to ensure child safety. Any person picking up who is not the parent will be required to bring valid photo identification (no exceptions) and the parent must give us prior consent.

Friday Parent Drop-In: Most Fridays we hold a show and share from 3:30-5:30pm. Please check your activity calendar for details.

Lost & Found: Each year we accumulate an abundance of un-marked clothing, water bottles, knap sacks and other personal items. When leaving the program on your last day, please remember to cruise by the Lost & Found table on your way out!

Running late or absent?
If you are going to be later than 9am or absent, call 905-902-1261 (NO EMAILS PLEASE).
We will start calling families for any child absent without notice, as per our safe arrival policy.

PLEASE CALL US AT (905) 902-1261 if you cannot find our program, or have any questions or concerns during the day.

Important Reminders & Requirements


NO BARE SHOULDER SHIRTS, NO FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS (unless you also bring running shoes), & SOCKS ARE REQUIRED.

  • Children should bring their belongings in a back-pack with their name on it.
  • Pack a nutritious lunch (it must be peanut, tree nut, and sesame free – parents will be called to bring a lunch if it is forgotten), & two small extra snacks for nibbling mid-day.
  • Bring a water bottle with your child’s name on it,
  • Apply sunscreen BEFORE dropping your child off, and pack a bottle of high SPF sunscreen with your child’s name on it (or in a baggy with their name on it to be kept in their backpack). Younger children will be assisted in re-application for the afternoon’s activities.
  • Bring a sun hat and wear comfortable clothing that protects shoulders from the sun (no tank tops, etc.) and pack extra clothes in case of accidents and messy play.
  • Bring comfortable indoor running shoes & socks as these must be worn during the program (flip-flops, swim shoes and crocs only allowed as secondary wear for waterplay)
  • Bring a swim suit and towel for days that we venture out to the splash pad or on waterplay excursions.
  • Please dress appropriately for the weather as each day will consist of some time spent outdoors
  • IF there will be swimming on an excursion, you will be informed in our activity calendar and orientation email. Lifeguards will be provided by the venue, as well as our staff supervising in and out of the water at all times
  • Our JUNIOR campers will only visit splash pads up to knee level (water wings are not permitted).
  • Our SENIOR / MAVERICKS campers will be swim tested and given a facility lifejacket by lifeguards if needed (water wings are not permitted, puddle jumpers discouraged). In some cases they may have access to supervised waterslides (for children) and pools up to 1.5 metres deep both indoors and outdoors

Changes & Cancellations

Program changes and cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances are posted on our web site’s home page, and on our Twitter feed: @CampWaterdown

  • No refund of paid fees or deposits are given for registrant changes and cancellations within 15 days of Program Day start.
  • As per our posted policy, a $35 fee per family per week is charged for making any changes to your child’s assigned group, age group or cancellation of registered weeks after May 31.
  • Cancellations due to serious medical reason (requiring hospitalization or affecting ambulatory mobility) are subject to the Executive Director’s discretion. If granted, will receive a pro-rated refund for full day(s) to be missed (after notification) less a $35 administration fee. An original and verifiable doctor’s letter will be required for notification.
  • Refunds are not given for absence due to any communicable illnesses or parasites (cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, lice, etc.), elective or scheduled medical/dental reasons.
  • Credits or refunds can not be given for late arrival, early departure, illness, absences, dismissal, or program / facility closures due to emergency, weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

The financial obligations of Camp Waterdown (a registered charitable not-for-profit organization) are fixed for each program based on the number of pre-registered campers . The withdrawal of a camper does not lessen our operating expenses.


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