Getting Ready for Tuesday February 11 and Thursday February 13 Full Day Alternative Program

Camp Waterdown

Getting Ready for Tuesday February 11 and Thursday

February 13 Full Day Alternative Program

Here is information on attending our alternative program at Guy Brown Elementary on Tuesday (tomorrow) and Thursday (unless strikes are cancelled).

On Thursday children may wear pajamas as well as bring a blanket and favourite stuffed animal if desired.
(All our programs include some outdoor time, weather permitting, so please ensure your children have appropriate outerwear.)

Remember to pack a nut free lunch, dress for the cold weather (snow pants, hats, mitts), wear boots please, and running shoes.

At this time our program is full and we cannot accept additional registrations and cannot accept walk-ins.


Guy B. Brown Elementary
55 Braeheid Avenue

Program tel: (905) 902-1261

(Please call this number with any abscences.
Emails do not reach us in time)

Main Activities are
9am – 4pm
Extended Care includes 7am – 6pm plus healthy snacks, where possible, are always already included in your fee.

Drop Off before 9am & Pick Up after 4pm ensures the easiest transitions and not missing the main fun!

Drop-offs and pickups are done from the south-east stairway doors nearest the school parking lot and JK/SK pen area. If doors are locked, there will be a greeter. If open, there will be signs directing you to our main room, where you will be greeted and a room assingment will be made.

For our Safe Arrival policy, all children must be brought in and signed in by a pre-authorized adult carrying identification.

You may not stop, park or idle in the fire and bus lanes alongside the school, you must find safe parking.

Picket Lines

On our prior strike day, there wasn’t a picket line put up at Elementary schools. The picketers went to the High School and more public locations.

However, be prepared just in case you need to cross teacher picket lines respectfully depending on your arrival and departure times. There will be a delay as you do.

We will not provide staff to cross children over the picket lines should you need it, and again, only a pre-authorized adult (that we have been notified about) may do so to avoid confusion.

Hints for crossing picket lines can be found on the HWDSB web site and here on our site:


Tuesday Feb. 11 “Minute to Win It” Day

At Camp Waterdown we believe that happiness is homemade, and today’s Minute to Win It Games are super fun activities and challenges for all ages. Games will be both individual and team focused, they are challenging enough for older children but easy enough for younger campers. Friendly competitions will take place and all children will be fully engaged in hilarious, fun, active and exciting activities indoors and out (weather permitting).

Thursday Feb. 11 – Pajamas And A Movie Day

It’s amazing how much wearing comfy pajamas on a cold day in winter can inspire creative and relaxed all-day fun! On Thursday we will pick up a few great books, sing songs, build mini forts, have some holistc spa day activities, and in the afternoon we will watch a movie in the gym. A few activities throughout the day will focus on space; we will create mindfulness planet paintings, and play a super fun game called race to the galaxy.


Individual activities are also organized in each group by our ECE Group Leaders for the age group they are leading. As part of our philosophy, we encourage our children to participate in and work together on the choice of their activities, normally surrounding an exploration of a particular (and appropriate ) subject of interest often suggested by our leader. We also have a full compliment of learning aids games and activities available from our PA Day and Before & After School programs.

All our full day programs include a mixture of physical activity, outdoor time, group games, individual activity time, occasionally some media entertainment (whether that be a guest, a book reading, a movie, or music listening) and often some creative art activities. Our outdoor plans will change according to the weather, temperature and slopiness of the ground.



Be sure to pack your children with a lunch (it must be peanut, tree nut, and sesame free), and two small extra snacks for nibbling mid-day, water bottle, comfortable indoor running shoes, spare clothes (if indicated), and outer clothes appropriate for the weather. Please note that children will get dirty (both indoors and outer wear) .

When dropping off and picking up your children, enter through the main building doors closest to the JK/SK Pen.
Please do not use the school’s main entrance or any other entrance. If the doors are locked, there will be a greeter except from 9am – 4pm where you may need to be buzzed in from the main entrance. Children may not be dropped off for entrance on their own.

Check-in / check-out:
All children must be checked in and out by their parent/guardian or a pre-authorized caregiver (recorded in your registration or given to our administration in advance in writing). All caregivers picking up will be asked to show us picture ID to confirm identity.

Please use one of the school’s parking spaces or street parking if it is allowed. Do not park, stop or idle beside the school or KG Pen entrance or in the bus / fire lanes as this is not permitted and creates a safety concern.

Running late or absent?

If you are going to be later than 9am or absent, call 905-902-1261 (NO EMAILS PLEASE)
We start calling families at 9:30am for any child absent without notice, as per our safe arrival policy.

PLEASE CALL US AT (905) 902-1261 if you cannot find our program, or have any questions or concerns during the day.

Changes & Cancellations

Program changes and cancellations due to unforseen circumstances are posted on our web site’s home page, and on our Twitter feed: @CampWaterdown

  • No refund of paid fees or deposits are given for registrant changes and cancellations according to posted terms.
  • Cancellations due to serious medical reason (requiring hospitalization or affecting ambulatory mobility) are subject to the Executive Director’s discretion. If granted, will receive a pro-rated refund for full day(s) to be missed (after notification) less a $35 administration fee. An original and verifiable doctor’s letter will be required for notification.
  • Refunds are not given for absence due to any communicable illnesses or parasites (cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, lice, etc.), elective or scheduled medical/dental reasons.
  • Credits or refunds can not be given for late arrival, early departure, illness, absences, dismissal, or program / facility closures due to emergency, weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

The financial obligations of Camp Waterdown (a registered charitable not-for-profit organization) are fixed for each program based on the number of pre-registered campers .


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