Highlight: Summer Camp Week 3 for Junior Explorers is “Fresh Food Frenzy!” and not “Summertime Scientist”

We made a boo boo and left the title of last year’s summer theme on our registration materials and wanted to give you an update in case you passed up this week because of it’s title!

Our Week 3 July 15 – 19 Theme is “Fresh Food Frenzy!” (and NOT Summertime Scientist).

Download our Week 3 (July 15 – 19) Activity Calendar

Campers will get an up-close look at growing vegetables, a trip to a local apple farm to see where some of our food and feed for animals comes from, and other flora & fauna related activities and fun. It’s a mini-starter kit on appreciation of our earth, it’s plants and animals, a look at how a farm works and will be attractive to omnivores and vegetarians alike!

There is some potential contact with smaller animals, and so if your child has some allergies, please let us know ahead of time so that we can structure their experience around that (no one need not attend).

Images Courtesy of and Copyright by Chudleigh’s Apple Farm in Halton Hills, Ontario


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