How are my kids kept safe during field trips?

Each year parents of young children are rightly concerned and ask us questions about “ratios” (numbers of children per adult staff) and safety on field trips. We’re always happy to answer your questions personally by email, by telephone 905 902 1261 or in person at drop-off or pick-up time.

Here are some commonly asked questions and our policies:

What are your group ratios?

We follow specific ratios according to the Day Nurseries Act. For our Junior Explorers the ratio is 1:10, compared to the Adventurers of 1:15. The ratios are extended only in the mornings (7-­‐9am) and evenings (4-­‐6pm) from 1:15 in the Juniors and 1:23 in the Adventurers.

These ratios stay the same when we are away on field trips.  In addition, as part of our Leader In Training programs, our Junior groups get extra assistance from volunteer youth leaders.  At all times, however, each group has a qualified, trained and screened adult Staff member with their group.

What other safety protocols do you follow on field trips?

Our staff and youth volunteers are trained before camp on procedures for supervision on each trip with very well-planned out itineraries and meeting spots.   We also follow protocols for the supervision and provision of additional precautions and epi-pen / medication administration where necessary.

Our younger Junior Explorers do not go into deeper swimming pools during trips, but are supervised by our staff in Splash Pads and wading water activities.  Staff create a perimeter in the water area to allow for better supervision and all children remain within those areas.  Younger Weekly Adventurers are only allowed to go in water up to their waist level. Children aged 10-12 who can swim have a designated staff member with them in deeper water in addition to facility lifeguards.

During deep water-activities, all facilities we visit are mandated to have lifeguards in attendance. For certain activities we arrange additional qualified water sports supervisors in addition to our staff.

During excursions, our Junior Explorers groups are assigned additional volunteer youth leaders to assist the Staff Leader(s) with supervision in busy places.  Our excursion groups always wear similar highly coloured Camp T-shirts (with camp name and telephone information) that helps keep the group together and visible in larger venues.  Children attending washroom facilities on trips are always appropriately supervised as well.

Can parents or guardians volunteer on field trips?

Yes, parents/guardians are welcome to join us on trips with advance notice. There will be a charge of $10 for adult volunteers. This will cover the bus and entrance to our trip destinations. A reminder that parent/guardian volunteers cannot be counted in our supervision ratio and cannot be left alone with campers, unless related. Inform our camp director if interested in joining any of our weekly trips!

Other answers can be found in our Policies / Camp Parent Handbook and our FAQ page.


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