Before / After School Age Care Registration (2024-2025)

THIS FORM IS FOR OUR 2024 – 2025 Before and After Care Program Only

For families currently registered in our 2023 – 2024 Before & After School Care and WDCC ELCC Care Programs, we launched our pre-registration as of March 11th (by emailed invitation). WDCC ELCC families may need to create a Parent Record and Child Record first if none exist.

Due to limited demand, in consultation with the HWDSB, we will be unable to offer a program at FLAMBOROUGH CENTRE this year. ×
If you land back at this tab after trying to Log In or start a new account

There was likely a problem on the START REGISTRATION tab to the left after hitting Submit (usually due to a Weak Password selection) – please click the START REGISTRATION tab again to see the error message. Thank you!

  • Currently our locations are at or close to capacity and we are now accepting Wait List pre-registrations from ALL families.
  • We are actively recruiting qualified child care Educators to enable expansion of our program if at all possible (as a licensed child care organization we follow defined Educator to child ratios), however we are hampered by an ongoing shortage of available and qualified staffing in our area.
  • If you remain on our Wait List and we are not able to offer you a space, on or after August 1st we will reach out to our current Wait List and ask if you would like to remain on the wait list for potential placement during the school year. If we do not hear back from you after that notice, we will assume that you no longer wish to be on our wait list (although you may re-register at any time).
  • Since we have a complex prioritization system (outlined in our Parent Handbook) we ask that you refrain from asking where you may stand on our Wait List as we are unable to give you an accurate response.

If you encounter a problem with your registration, please send a screenshot and description of the page where you got stuck to and we will assist you as soon as possible.

POLICY QUESTIONS: Many of your program policy questions will be answered here, in our current Policies page.

PAYMENTS & DEPOSITS:  A deposit (your first month’s fee) will be required but is not to be paid until you are invoiced by email and have arranged a Pre-Authorized Debit account. (Currently enrolled families with an existing PAD will be billed on August 1st, and new families upon acceptance.)

2024 – 2025 Before / After School Programs

All activities are supervised by ECE certified adult leaders with vulnerable sector checks.


For the 2024- 2025 School Year we will only be offering 5 Mornings Only, 5 Afternoons Only, or 5 Mornings AND Afternoons sessions enrolment for all students. No Part-Time schedules will be offered throughout the year.

Currently enrolled families who are already enrolled for or who immediately enrol in our secure Pre-Authorized Debit will be billed their deposit on August 1 2024, or a few days after offer of placement afterwards. New families will have their deposit withdrawn as soon as their PAD is set up. Any PADs not set up within 5 days of sending out a link will be withdrawn back to our Wait List so that we can offer space to other families.

We no longer offer payment by Credit Cards. We also no longer offer payment by INTERAC eMail Money transfer (except under special circumstances and with pre-approval of our Executive Director). Refunds will not be granted for deposits paid except in very exceptional circumstances (such as a move out our area) and with approval from the Executive Director.

Additional details can be found on the first page of the online registration.

ELCC Child Care Families

Depending on whether you registered originally from our paper wait list, or online (or have children already in our B&A Program) you may not yet have a Parent Record and a Child Record (both of which are required in order to register for the program). If you DO already have online access, you can create your Parent Record (if one doesn’t exist), and Child Record (if one doesn’t exist) from links found on your Family Registration page.

Once you have a Child Record, a link to register should appear by their name.

If you don’t already have an online username, then you can create one using the mini-form in the START REGISTRATION tab usually to the left.


  • Allan A. Greenleaf Elementary (at the WDCC),
  • Guy B. Brown Elementary,
  • Mary Hopkins Elementary,

Hours of Operation:
(All extended hours are included in your fees.)

Normally this is:

  • Before Care: 7am – school start
  • After Care: school end – up to 6:00pm (with latest pick-up arrival at 5:55pm depending on location)
  • Flamborough Centre After School after care (if offered) will end at 5:30pm (with latest pick-up arrival at 5:25pm) due to the earlier start.
  • Healthy snacks are normally given as part of the program mornings and afternoons.

Making Changes & Additions to my Before / After School Registration

You can either email us the change (make sure to mention the child’s name and program) at, OR you can use the Change Request link found under each Registration in your Family Registration page.

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JK / SK Before and After School Program Monthly Rates
(CWELCC Eligible KG & Gr 1 under 6 years old)*

# Days per Week Before School Only After School Only Both
Before & After
5 $ 240.00 $ 240.00 $ 254.60
* WDCC Only Offers 5 Day Programs for Kindergarten. Rates subject to change by the City of Hamilton CWELCC Program

Grade 1 – 8 Before and After School Program 2024-2025 School Year Monthly Rates1
(Ages 6 years and up)

# Days per Week Before School Only After School Only4 Before & After School
5 days
(Daily Market Rate2)
$ 280.41
$ 387.66
$ 496.67
Single Extra Days3 $ 23 $ 33 $ 42
1. The City of Hamilton Child Care Affordability Grant rates (during 2023 – 2024
) are set to expire as of June 27, 2024.
The City has not yet announced an extension of the program.

If the City of Hamilton Child Care Affordability Grant is renewed, and we enrol as an organization, then we will update the rate and refund any covered portion of initial deposits paid.

2. Monthly Rates are created by amortizing the Daily Market Rate for 187 Educational Days plus 8 Statutory Holidays (195 days total) over a 10 month school period. (This way our families pay the same rate each month, instead of a fluctuating rate by number of days in the month.)

3. Single Extra Days are not currently offered except by special review and consent of the Executive Director.

4. The Flamborough Centre Note: We can only run an afternoon program if we receive sufficient Wait List interest due to typically low numbers of families requiring care at that location.


Making Payments

All payments for our School Age program are currently made by Pre-Authorized Debit through our secure payment processor Plooto. If you do not have this set up and you have been granted a space, then we will send you a deposit invoice with set-up instructions within a few weeks time. Deposits for new families will be taken as soon as your PAD is set up. Deposits for families with existing PAD agreements set up will be taken on August 1st. Subsequently you will billed (with a preliminary invoice sent 5 days ahead as a reminder) by email on the first day of each new month in which care is given.

Some families are also subsidized under contract with the City of Hamilton.

Split Payments

Split billing arrangements (only by custodial requirement) and split payment receipt from different payees can be received only with prior approval.  Please contact if you have questions or concerns.

Refunds & Cancellations

Fees and deposits paid are not refundable unless we are unable to provide care, or in special circumstances to be determined by our Executive Director upon request.

We are not currently offering reduction in care to Part-Time schedules.

Due to the high demand, limited enrolment and need to secure program resources; we require our families’ full commitment upon offer of placement.

    • We require a minimum of 1 full calendar month’s written notice, before the end of the last month of service to withdraw your child from our program or to drop a session (mornings or afternoons) from your schedule.
    • Written notice must be given to No partial month refunds or credits will be given, the whole month’s fee must be paid for a mid-month start or withdrawal.
    • For example, if you gave notice to withdraw or change by email on any day in February, you will be billed for the entire months of February AND March before billing will be discontinued or changed. We will review requests for special consideration of alternative cancellation terms, solely upon our discretion, upon request.
    • Cancellations due to serious medical reason (requiring hospitalization or affecting ambulatory mobility): subject to the Executive Director’s discretion. If granted, you will receive a pro-rated refund for full day(s) to be missed (after notification). An original and verifiable doctor’s letter will be required for notification. Refunds are not given for absence due to any communicable illnesses or parasites (COVID, cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, lice, etc.), elective or scheduled medical/dental reasons.
    • Credits or refunds can not be given for late arrival, early departure, illness, absences, dismissal, or program / facility closures due to emergency, weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.
    • There is a $20 cash late pick-up fee due to the program supervisor for every 15 minutes after closure, collected at time of pick-up.
    • NSF/returned/rejected and late payments (within 2 business days of invoice or within the first week of the month of service) are subject to a $50 administrative fee.
    • Any refunds authorized will be subject to a $50 administrative fee and returned within 4 weeks time.

Camp Waterdown (WDCC) reserves the right to terminate the registration of or to withdraw a child from program participation at any time, at the Program Director or Executive Director’s discretion, in the interest of the child and / or the Camp Waterdown (WDCC) program. In the case of temporary withdrawal or permanent termination of a registrant’s participation, an affected child in attendance will remain in care until safely discharged to the designated parent or guardian. In such cases, a proportional refund for only full days terminated will be considered.

 Please understand that the financial obligations of Camp Waterdown / WDCC are fixed for each program and the withdrawal of a camper does not lessen our operating expenses.

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Wait List Policy

Space in our programs is limited (and we adhere to Ministry guidelines for safe and effective Adult/Child ratios). We reserve the right to refund and cancel enrolments as needed if an accidental overbooking or program cancellation or capacity downsizing occurs. Enrolment preference is governed by our established priority placement protocol and is not solely based on registration date.

Wait List

If the programs are full or families are new to our programs, children will be offered a spot on our Waiting List pending space availability. Wait List priority is not guaranteed as we do not take deposits for our Wait List, and we normally offer available space first to families currently enrolled in our program Before & After School program or WDCC ELCC program (daycare) with a child graduating from preschool, among other priority placement protocol criteria including 5-day Mornings AND Afternoons session requests.

If at any time you encounter a problem or question, please contact our Registration Customer Service via

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CURRENTLY REGISTERED and ATTENDING Families need to LOGIN BEFORE REGISTERING from your Family Registration page

  1. IMPORTANT: You may only use a STRONG password for security on our web site due to the private information we need to collect.
  2. Review the Program Information above FIRST before logging in and registering.
  3. Login or Create a New Membership (using the form below).
    • To avoid confusion, it is important that you do not create duplicate accounts.  If you have lost or forgotten your original email, then please contact and we will make an adjustment so that you can proceed.
  4. Create or Review and submit a Parent Record and Child Record(s)
  5. Use the Before / After School Registration links on your Family Registration page (in the Child Record and Registration Tab).

If you think you have a registered member login, but the system does not recognize you, or your parent record or children are missing, then please email and we can look to see if you have an account under an old email address or a back-up.