Summer Camp Program 2021

Summer Camp Waterdown 2021

Our Summer Camp is now fully booked and new registrations for our Wait List are closed.

Thank you to everyone for your interest in our very popular summer camp.  We look forward to hearing from you again next year when we hope things will be a little back to normal and our camp can be bigger and better than ever!

Please review our updated policies which form part of your agreement to attend camp:
Camp Waterdown Summer Program (UPDATED JUNE 29, 2021)

Summer Camp Parent Handbook (2021)
Summer Camp Enhanced Health Measures, Policies and Procedures (2021)

Camp Week Activity Calendars*

Our program will be kept simple (with our usual high educational value, child development goals, physically active, fun activities and games ) to avoid needing to make last minute changes. We’ll be concentrating on giving the best quality program with no outside guests, some video conferenced resources, local activities (where safe and advisable), lots of outdoor time, and enhanced health policies and sanitization.

What will camp look like?

  • You may register for 1 to 8 weeks of camp:
    • Week One: The Beach Life! July 5 – 9
    • Week Two: All About the Elements July 12 – 16
    • Week Three: Adventure on the High Seas July 19 – 23
    • Week Four: Cirque de Waterdown July 26 – 30
    • Week Five: Celebrate Summer! August 3 — 6 (Short Week)
    • Week Six: Camp Camouflage August 9 – 13
    • Week Seven: Time Travellers August 16 – 20
    • Week Eight: Comic Con 2021 August23 – 27
    • no part-time options, full week registration only
  • Located at Guy B. Brown Elementary School, 7:30am to 5:25pm (or to 4:30pm)
  • Program Weeks include great group activities, outdoor play time, arts & crafts, and media presentations, and specific educational and developmental goals.
  • Drop Off (prescreening) is between 7:30am and 8:25am  and Pick Up at 4:30pm or 5:25pm sharply (you choose your time)
  • Families may not “share” drop off and pick-up of children from different households, and all children must arrive accompanied by an adult caregiver who is a member of their household, and picked up by a parent/guardian, designated adult caregiver or extended adult family member.
  • We cannot consider “Friend Requests” this year.
  • We will likely be unable to have a Youth Leadership Program.
  • Pricing is:
    • $215 for Junior Explorers (JK/SK eligible in September)and  Senior Adventurers (Grade 1 – 8 in September) / $172 for the 4 day week August 3 – 6
  • Refunds are not granted for cancellations or changes after July 1st except upon cancellation of programs by COVID-19 Outbreak.
  • Groups (cohorts) will have 13 or 15 children assigned and 2 leaders that will not change for the week (no changes to your assigned group are permitted under almost any circumstance), and groups will not interact with each other (i.e. no large group games)
  • Outdoor time and play will be emphasized, however distancing protocols are still in effect, and different groups (cohorts) will not play together.
  • COVID-19 Specific health procedures are in place for screening of staff and children, there will be extra cleaning of rooms and toys and several other precautions
  • A single positive test result for COVID-19 will at minimum require cancellation for a related cohort, and Hamilton Public Health will determine whether an outbreak requires further testing and cancellation of other participants.
  • All attending families will also be required (upon acceptance of an offered space) to review and agree during registration to a Waiver and Release of Liability (COVID-19).

Families will pre-screen daily and any child exhibiting a symptom (or absent due to a symptom) or answering “Yes” to any screening test will be required to get a COVID-19 Test, or seek an alternative diagnosis from a doctor (or will be excluded for a minimum 10 day period).

Summer Program Fees

Payments: Except for registrations made before May 19th, payment is due upon registration or offer of a Wait List placement by Credit or Debit Card (PayPal) or INTERAC eMail Money Transfer.

All ages*: $215 / wk

$172 for Aug 3 short week

For children entering JK/SK through to Grade 8  in September

Single Day Passes 2021:
Due to COVID-19 cohort grouping policies, we will not be offering Single Day Passes, part-time, nor call-in or last minute placements this year.


Camp Hours of Operation: 7:30am-5:25pm

  • Drop Off Screening: between 7:30 –  8:50am
  • Core Program Activities: 9 – 3pm
  • Pick Up: 4:30pm or 5:45pm (families must be present at their chosen time  for pickup)

Pickups and Drop offs are done at one of three designated Screening locations at the school, and every family will receive an assignment email in the week prior to each camp week with these details.

Location:  Guy B. Brown Elementary School (55 Braeheid Ave)

What to back: Peanut-free lunch***, weather appropriate clothing (clothes change and towel for wet activities), indoor running shoes, water bottle.  A Back Pack is required for storage of children’s items as lockers will not be provided. Families are also asked to send their child with their own pencil case or box with pencils, eraser, colour erasable markers and some printer paper.

Note: *Subject to Change.  **Subject to Approval and Change.
***In addition to common health practice, our population includes immunocompromised children and adults.

Have Questions?

Please remember that some things may change or not be up-to-date due to COVID-19 procedures and policies that are constantly evolving.  It is IMPORTANT to review all of the Tabs on the left side before registering as full refunds are not offered for voluntary cancellation of camp registrations after June 15.

Our current policies will answer some questions, including a COVID-19 Parent Handbook Addendum to review before attending.

Otherwise please email for more information.

We are not able to accept “walk ins” or last minute registrations, so please register online early as space is very limited.

Our Staff Training and Requirements

  • Our staff will have all undergone specific COVID-19 training and are screened daily and subject to exclusion just like the children.
  • At this time there is no requirement for our Staff to be pre-tested for COVID-19, without symptoms present.
  • Our staff group leaders will wear face masks and additional PPE as required at all times, and screeners will wear full personal protective equipment as required by Public Health. (Children are also required to wear masks at this time.)
  • Group (cohort) leaders will remain with their group of children the entire week and would not rotate between rooms or be shared between groups at all.
  • We have additional staff for duties such as administration, space organization, cleaning and disinfecting that will not interact with children directly unless maintaining a 2 metre distance and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Touchable surfaces and washrooms are inspected, cleaned and sanitized at least twice daily (and between uses), and all toys cleaned daily or as required by Public Health.
  • Our Program Plan and Facility is inspected regularly by the Ministry of Education and will be approved and/or inspected by Hamilton Public Health before opening and as required.


We are not taking payment until you have been approved for and offered a placement.  

We accept payment by INTERAC Email Payment, Credit Cards and Debit by Pay Pal only. We no longer accept Cash and won’t be accepting cheques this year.

Families who have received a registered space before May 19th can pay upon registration, in instalments (INTERAC only) or in full by June 15th.  After May 19th all new registrations or offers from our Wait List become due and payable. After June 15 most registration fees are no longer fully refundable (except as permitted).

Some families may be eligible for care subsidization through the City of Hamilton. (Daily Parental Contribution Fees for Subsidy are paid by INTERAC Email Payment, Credit Cards and Debit by Pay Pal only this year )

All registrations (paid or not) are tentative pending program approval by the Ministry of Education, HWDSB, and other authorities due to COVID-19 policies.


Want to make a change or cancellation?

You can either email us the change (make sure to mention the child’s name and program) at OR you can use the Change Request link found under each Registration in your Family Registration page.  Please be aware that restrictions, additional fees and refund policy may apply.


  • Should a Full Program Week be cancelled in advance due to a requirement by the Minister of Education, the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board or Hamilton Public Health, then we will refund your paid fee for that week in full.
  • Should you be required to be excluded from camp for any reason by Hamilton Public Health, or because you have been excluded at screening, then we will refund any full days missed.
  • Should you choose for your child not to be tested for COVID-19 nor to seek medical assessment after being excluded, then we will not offer a refund.
  • No payments are accepted until you are offered a confirmed space in the program.
  • Prior to May 19, you may pay 100% upon registration or may pay in instalments up to June 15 (INTERAC only) after which time all registrations are due in full at time of registration. Any new registrations from May 19 or offers of space from our Wait List are due upon acceptance.
  • We will refund you 100% for a Program Week that is cancelled in advance due to a requirement of the Minister of Education, the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board, or Hamilton Public Health at any time, or for voluntary cancellations 30 or more days before start of a program week up to July 1, 2020.
  • We will offer a 50% refund on any cancellations made between 29 and 15 days before start of a program week up to July 1st.
  • No refunds will be given for voluntary cancelations after July 1st or within 15 days of a program week start.
  • No discount or refund is given for partial week attendance.
  • Credits or refunds are not given for late cancellations, late arrival, early departure, illness, absences, dismissal, or program / facility closures due to emergency, weather, except as noted.
  • Credits or refunds are not given for absence due to any personal occurrence of communicable illnesses or parasites (cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, lice, etc.), elective or scheduled medical/dental reasons, except as noted.
  • Cancellations due to serious and unexpected emergency medical reason (requiring hospitalization or affecting ambulatory mobility and ability to participate) for all programs are subject to the Executive Director’s approval and receipt of an original and verifiable doctor’s letter, except as noted.
  • Insufficient Funds Returns are subject to a $50 administrative fee.
  • Any refunds granted will be returned within 4 weeks time.

Camp Waterdown (WDCC) reserves the right to terminate the registration of or to withdraw a child from program participation at any time, at the Program Director or Executive Director’s discretion, in the interest of the child and / or the Camp Waterdown (WDCC) program. In the case of temporary withdrawal or permanent termination of a registrant’s participation, an affected child in attendance will remain in care until safely discharged to the designated parent or guardian. In such cases, a proportional refund for only full days terminated will be considered.

 Please understand that the financial obligations of Camp Waterdown / WDCC are fixed for each program and the withdrawal of a camper does not lessen our operating expenses.

Wait List Policy

Space in our programs is limited (and we adhere to Ministry guidelines for safe and effective Adult/Child ratios, as well as ratios imposed by COVID-19 guidance). We reserve the right to refund and cancel enrolments as need if an accidental overbooking or program cancellation occurs.

Wait List

Wait List priority is not guaranteed nor is it based on the time of registration as we do not take deposits until space is offered for acceptance. Our Wait List is reviewed using our existing Priority Placement Protocol (that favours existing client families) among other considerations, as well as any optional considerations provided by the Ministry of Education or Hamilton Public Health.

Registration Process

For Prior Camp Waterdown Registrants / Members

You will be familiar with our system from past program enrolments, and all are started from your Family Registration page.

Your prior registration information from this past year is held in our system to make registration for multiple programs easier.

For Safety, we DO require that you review both your Parent Record information and your Child’s Record information at least once a year.

We also now require Registering Parent / Guardians (as identified by their principal email address or sign-on to our system) to give explicit written permission for additional Parent / Guardian to access this information and to make changes on their behalf. A permission option is included in each registration as well as your Parent Record Update.

 For New Registrants

Our process is a little different than a standard Online Cart system as we collect the entire registration and safety information in a series of three steps.

The registration process consists of these steps:

  1. Login or Create a New Membership (using the form at the very bottom of this tab).
  2. Create or Review and submit a Parent Record and then add Child Record(s) from your Family Registration page
  3. Use the Program Registration links that will appear next to your child’s name in your Family Registration page.

If you want to make changes, submit a Change Request from the links in your Family Registration page (best way) or email

If at any time you encounter a problem or question, or your children are missing from your records, please contact

Please add “” to your Contacts / Address Book so that your confirmation emails don’t get flagged as “junk.”

You may return to your Family Registration page at any time to review your registration or to check on its status.

Our registration forms also allow a “Save and Continue” link function so that you can save your place while you look for information or answers.)

Start Your Online Registration

Our Summer Camp is now fully booked and new registrations for our Wait List are closed.


  1. IMPORTANT: Review the Program Information tabs (to the left) FIRST before logging in and registering.
  2. Login using the Member Menu Item top right of the web site.
  3. Review your Parent Record and Child Record(s) (Special Invitation Members may need to Create a Parent Record and Child Record(s).
  4. Use the Program Registration links on your Family Registration page (in the Child Record and Registration Tab) to register.
If you think you have a registered member login (which is different than one used to simply receive our announcement subscriptions), but the system does not recognize you, or your parent record or children are missing, then please email and we can look to see if you have an account under an old email address or a back-up.

Please review ALL TABS, and use the START REGISTRATION tab to begin your registration.