Summer 2022 Themes & Calendars

UPDATED February 1, 2022

Weekly Program Activity Calendars are being prepared and will be available on the web site and sent to families in orientation emails.

  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) & Senior Adventurers (GR 1-8) $225
    Get costumed up for adventure at our very own Camp Waterdown Comicon: a week to celebrate illustrated storytelling and superheroes. We’ll bring our very own comic book characters, action figures, favourite story characters and anime to life. The week will inspire our campers through fun stories of perseverance, bravery and problem solving using our most admired fictional characters to inspire us. Each day a new form of comic from DC, Marvel and children’s literature will be brought to life through fun and engaging activities, creative games, storytelling, costume play and technical challenges!
  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) $225
    Visit a land that time forgot, where prehistoric beasts roam the land, and the earth is vaguely recognizable. We’ll track T-rex footprints, watch herbivores feasting on ancient trees, make friends with prehistoric characters, and do our own archeological dig! Join us on a Dinosaur Safari; don’t forget to don your pith helmet and put on your best stomping “dino dance” shoes too!


    Senior Adventurers (GR 1 – 8) $225
    We love to explore the dramatic history of humankind, and what a better way to do it than time travel through the ages together! Humans have evolved, their great civilizations built, fallen, and rebuilt; providing us with a rich variety of games and educational experiences. Caves, Pyramids, Castles and Knights… and missions to the moon and beyond! This week we’ll explore some of the biggest accomplishments of mankind. Early physics, Olympic trials, Renaissance Masterpieces, full sized Cardboard Castle creations, Robotics, and a roundup of recent space exploration. What a week to pique the interest of growing intellectuals interested in humankind’s past, present and future.
  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) & Senior Adventurers (GR 1-8) $225
    Jump aboard! because this impressive adventure is about to cast off to our very own “Survivor Island”. Taking some cues from the still popular “Survivor” television challenge show, our castaway tribes face a challenging week where they put test their physicality, taste buds, thinking and cooperative skills to chart a fun course of adventure destined to reach the end of the week (which results in a safe return to civilization). There is no getting voted off our island, however, this week is full of age-appropriate team building exercises, and our campers will search for hidden idols, face tribal council as well as compete for “luxuries” and immunity. Even our very youngest campers have their very own take on “island adventures”. Every child will emerge a happy winner!
  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) & Senior Adventurers (GR 1-8) $225
    Children come together to learn about and measure their impact on our environment, as they take steps towards being tomorrow’s ecological stewards. We’ll spend more time outdoors, observing, appreciating nature, exploring plant growth, and learning sustainable practices to incorporate into our everyday lives. We’ll be creating and studying the science of an outdoor sustainable garden together. Messy, safe “risky” play and scientific garden play will help reinforce children’s understanding of their important relationship with the natural world. Children of all age groups will enjoy the games and activities to improve crucial life skills, help develop the self-confidence, and foster their growing responsibility to help protect our earth.
  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) & Senior Adventurers (GR 1-8) $180
    We’re going to take the exciting framework of a fantasy Pokémon world and live it out in real life (we’ll supply any tech as needed)! Trainers of all ages will engage in daily challenges Pokémon Style! Each day, groups will be presented with various riddles, route info, clues on wild Pokémon locations, detours, and roadblock challenges that they must complete together as a team to earn Gym Badges. We’ll learn how to draw our own favourite characters from start to finish. Children will adopt and train their own Pokémon and together we’ll explore our community and use our imaginations to re-create our own glorious Gym Battles. Kindergarten groups will enjoy the stories, songs and activities we tailor to their interests and abilities! Even children who aren’t passionate about Pokémon will find their niche in our quest to become the best trainers we can. Activities will vary according to age.
  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) & Senior Adventurers (GR 1-8) $225
    Disney is celebrating their 50th Anniversary and Camp Waterdown is donning its mouse ears and joining in on that magical fun! Disney cartoons are a much-loved source of entertainment, happiness, and fairy tale knowledge for our kindergarteners. We use our interpretation of Disney’s narratives about respect, honesty, making new friends and loving to learn new things to spark our own magic activities. During our celebration, campers will get to experience Disney characters and explore their stories. Campers will receive their very own celebration buttons, build our Magic Kingdom Castle, have fun with a few virtual suprise visitors, and come home with wonderful photos for sharing with the family.


    Senior Adventurers (GR 1 – 8) $225
    Join our #trending week of Tik Tok inspired #featurethis dance challenges, skits, magic tricks, jokes and #1minauditions. Creating inspirations and storytelling in one minute will be our goal! We will also help educate our campers this week on cyber safety and come home with our own Internet Safety Guides. Campers will investigate video creation, dig into special effects, filters and make short magical videos. We’ll explore and share emotions and motions through music and some improv rap rhyming. Even the shyest camper will be encouraged to find their #inner-influencer and promote their individual strengths and interests in what will be an exhilarating, friend making, and self-confidence building week of fun. Electronic devices not required, and for privacy purposes, our production showcase will only be shared privately with our parent community!
  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) & Senior Adventurers (GR 1-8) $225
    With the help from National Geographic and National Geographic Kids resources, this week will be filled with amazing facts, fun activities and games themed around extreme earthly wonders and extreme animals – along with a smattering of natural science, history, and geography. We’ll explore how natural phenomenon shape our earth, create changes both beneficial and potentially disastrous, and our own role in exploring and understanding weather patterns, earth movements and climate change. We’ll build our own volcanos and create a wave generator to understand why these forces can be so powerful. We’ll experiment with architectural structures made to withstand changing and extreme climates and the forces of nature. We will also be examining the natural wonders of the world!… the most beautiful, spectacular places around the globe. Activities vary according to age with an emphasis on fun!
  • Junior Explorers (JK / SK) & Senior Adventurers (GR 1-8) $225
    What child hasn’t wondered what it would be like to a character in a video game? We’re turning this week into the ultimate live gaming arena, free from electronics. Challenges will set, materials available for amour, and legends will be made! Fun and educational age-appropriate activities are inspired by popular and nostalgic video games will give our campers voice to express their creative ideas. Each day we’ll be faced with a new video game theme to guide our fun.
    • Super Mario Monday: think DIY Karts, Yoshi’s Pinata, Blocks-Turtles-Tunnels (our own take on larger than life “Snakes and Ladders”),
    • Roblox Tuesday: coding, imagineering our own amusement park and treasure hunts,
    • Mini Sports Wednesday: mini putt, mini stick NHL, Mini Scrimmage – everyone gets to play, and
    • Friday Fortnite (well Thursday too!): weapon free fort construction, supply drop challenges, armour and costume creation, capture the flag, loot the llama and more!
    We’ll have a bigger blast than a Barrel of Donkey Kongs, you’ll want to Crossy Road to join us, for a week-long run-and-fun Minecraft dungeon of creepers that pits Plants vs. Zombies and makes a Zelda’s legends of us all!

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