Summer Camp Program

Summer Camp 2018 (July 3 to August 31)

Coming Soon!

We’re in the process of finalizing our Summer 2018 Theme Weeks Activities and we’re anticipating that Summer Registration will begin a little earlier this year.

In the past we’ve always opened registration in mid to late March.  This year we’re hoping to open registration mid-February.  Watch our your email, Home Page, Facebook, and Twitter for announcements.

Watch our video from our past years and visit our orientation page for more info on how camp is set up, how to get here (WDHS Entrance, Parking, etc.) and what to do on your first days!

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Summer Programs – rates will be updated shortly

What do the fees include?  Extended before/after care, snacks, field trips, and exciting active engagement with friends, special guests and our talented, loveable, vibrant and ECE qualified staff!

Early Birds: After June 30th, prices for all weeks will increase by 5%.

Jr. Explorers  2017 rates: $231 / wk (JK/SK)

$184.80 for Jul 4 & Aug 8 short weeks
$273 for Aug 28 The Great Escape! week)

JK/SK eligible children aged 44mths to 6.5 years

This year we have a great range of educational and active theme weeks with exciting and age -appropriate field trips, outdoor and indoor activities, and special guests. We offer a bit of optional age overlap for 6 year olds to attend either Jr. Explorers or Sr. Adventurers based on development, friends, and interests.  Field trip activities are well supervised.

Sr. Adventurers 2017 rates: $210 / wk (GR 1 – 8)

$168 for Jul 4 & Aug 8 short weeks
$252 for Aug 28 The Great Escape! week)

Grade 1 – 7 eligible children aged 68 mths to 12.9 years

We organize a broad range of themes with an older child in mind and slip in a fun educational focus, special guest appearances and active field trips.  Our days are active, social and accessible for most children (we provide experiences for children with all developmental and physical needs). Jr’s and Sr Adventurers often experience different field trips this year (please make a note in your registration if it is important for siblings to stay together).

Mavericks 2017 rates $210 / wk (Age 9 – 13)

$168 for Jul 4 & Aug 8 short weeks
$252 for Aug 28 The Great Escape! week

Children aged 9 – 13.9 years

Mavericks is our unique and popular opportunity for older children to experience summer fun and pre-teen challenges with peers of a similar age. Our youth themes work as a starting point. Our program encourages social competence, self control, conflict avoidance and other social skills. Mavericks are given responsibility (with experienced guidance) to work together to make the week their own.  We also provide them with opportunities to take on some leadership roles with our younger campers to help strengthen their personal empathy skills. Themes and guest visitors here expand on areas of new interests and fun educational and physical activity challenges. Accommodations are made for valued participation by children of all abilities.

“Not So Junior” Camp Counsellors 2017 rates: $31.50 / wk (Age 14 – 17)
(volunteer leadership program)

$57.75 for Aug 28 The Great Escape! week

This is our teen-oriented leadership program. This program is a volunteer opportunity that will allow youth to work with younger children to become positive role models and to develop leadership communication skills. Youth will be trained in skills useful for future employment opportunities, and can earn High School volunteer hours. A weekly fee is required to attend in order to cover volunteer’s trips, snacks, training expenses, and a leader’s t-shirt to take home.

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FAQs: Our fees include all field trip expenses. Children are not to bring spending money on trips as there is no opportunity given to spend it.  All activities are supervised by adult leaders with vulnerable sector checks and at no time can Junior Camp Counsellors be left unsupervised with our younger campers.

We are really looking forward to giving your children the best and most enriching Summer Day Camp experience!

Last Summer’s 2017 Themes

This is an example of our past themes.  Weekly PDF Calendars for each summer camp program are normally posted during March Break!

Summer Week Themes

Week 1: July 4 – 7 (Short Week)

The Art of Summer Fun Week!

Our first week of summer camp is devoted to the “arts.”  Of course, we won’t be stuck inside, come expecting to be inspired and tuckered out from a week’s focus on the Magic of Robert Munsch, learning to create our own masterpieces, and for our Maverick’s, a focus on the Art of Gaming.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
Magic of Munsch

Our JK / SK campers love the world of Robert Munsch and illustrator Michael Martchenko (among others) so our campers will explore the Magic of Munsch through their own artistic story-telling creations.
Week 1 Calendar: Magic of Munsch
TRIP Wednesday: The Museum 

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Inspiring Young Picassos
Our new and improved art camp is the place for campers of all abilities to discover their hidden talents. Through special guests and a field trip to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, we learn the process of different forms and mediums used to create personal art.
Week 1 Calendar: Young Picasso
TRIP Thursday: Art Gallery Of Hamilton

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Let the Games Begin!
Mancala, Monopoly & Minecraft
We’ll take campers on an exploration of the history and purpose of games: from ancient stone games, and hilarious circle games, to new favourite board games and even modern video gaming.  We’ll see how games teach us, how they make physical fitness fun, and how chance, sportsmanship, skill and knowledge all come together to make a game great.
Week 1 Calendar: Let the Games Begin!
New Trip Update! Wednesday: Centre 3 Studio

Week 2: July 10 – 14

Waterdown SuperHeroes Week!

This week we make super heroes out of all our super campers!  Kinders explore a world of Lego superheroes and super structures.  Science in space is our Senior Adventurers mission. We don our space helmets and ride the Yellow Space Rocket destined for the Ontario Science Centre.  Mavericks explore the physics of structures (they get to break things!) and discover how Gravity affects the world around us.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
Lego Superheroes Unite!

Superheroes need transportation, buildings and Bat Caves. Pull up a brick and see how everything connects in this inspiring exploration of our world in miniature!
Week 2 Calendar: Lego Superheroes
TRIP Friday: Legoland 

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Space: The Final Frontier

This week is all about the science of Space and Space Travel. With tourists destined to circle the moon and habitable planets being discovered, our Adventurers will experiment and learn about just what it takes to become a space exploring hero!
Week 2 Calendar: Final Frontier
TRIP Thursday: Science Centre

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Defying Gravity
Our Mavericks will learn about tool safety, and get to design and build structures meant to defy gravity. We’ll test our structures’ ability to stand up in our rigorous tribute to physics, scientific method and the art of “how to break things”. We’ll test our own super hero ability to defy gravity with a trip to Tree Top Trekking!
Week 2 Calendar: Defying Gravity
TRIP Wednesday: Treektop Trekking

Week 3: July 17 – 21

Dinos, Dash, and Dine!

Our mix-it up week of all-time favourite camp themes: Junior Dinosaur Explorers, Senior Amazing Teamwork Adventurers, and a Mavericks’ favourite  that leaves no camper hungry: Masterchef Waterdown!

Jr Explorers (JK/SK)
Dino Adventure

Our Juniors go back in time to explore a perennial favourite: Dinosaurs of the Jurassic period! This is a “dino-mite” week of discovery, crafts, and games with a pre-historic twist! We’ll also make two summer fun treks to Bronte-saurus Creek Conservation Area.
Week 3 Calendar: Dino Adventure
TRIP Tuesday + Thursday: Bronte Creek

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Amazing Race Waterdown

Senior Adventurers join forces to tackle the challenges of team races, mazes, obstacle course and other adventures set in our favourite natural conservation areas. This is an active week where we learn that teamwork will help you be amazing!
Week 3 Calendar: Amazing Race
TRIP Tuesday + Thursday: Bronte Creek
TRIP Wednesday: Christies Conservation

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Masterchef 2017
Maverick campers turn galloping gourmets as they explore the world of cooking with experienced fine dining Chef Balaban. This favourite theme leaves no one hungry. We’ll put on our aprons and master some kitchen techniques that advance beginning cooking skills from appetizers to dessert. Part of our exploration includes trips that show us the journey of nutritious foods from market to restaurant plate!
Week 3 Calendar: MasterChef


Week 4: July 24 – 28

Camp Waterdown’s Wild World of Sports!

Look out Waterdown District Warriors, we’re tapping into local sports / fitness heroes to give our little teams a first hand experience at all sorts of sports activities. We’ve geared our sports week to all ages, levels of experience, and ranges of mobility.   Maverick campers compete in an all-out hilarious game of Bubble Soccer (where players get to be the ball).

Jr Explorers (JK/SK)
Sports Sprouts

Our juniors get a taste of basketball, soccer, football as they learn all about sports, team play, exercise and physical activity. Sprouts will participate in crafts, stories, and songs that are all about being part of a team. Our little monkey’s round out the week with a favourite day trip to Lil Monkeys Indoor Playground!
Week 4 Calendar: Sports Sprouts
TRIP Thursday: Lil Monkeys (Burlington)

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Sports League

This week will challenge campers with fundamental sports skills, character, and leadership development. Making sports FUN and accessible to all is essential to develop a love of sport and team play. Campers will practice floor hockey, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, some rock climbing and much more!
Week 4 Calendar: Sports League NEW!
TRIP Wednesday: Gravity Rock Climbing!

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Sports Adrenaline
Mavericks get a chance to train with a local Sabres hockey coach and Ti-Cats football alumni. We’ll mix it up this year with some Basketball and Yoga special guests as well as a trip to watch a Blue Jay’s game. This is a chance to hone our sport skills,  some endurance and obstacle race training.  And learn what it’s like to take sports “to the next level.” (Less athletic campers will be happier in our Sports League program).
Week 4 Calendar: Sports 
TRIP Tuesday: Ice Skating Mainway / Thursday: Blue Jays Game
*Late Return time 5-5:30pm

Week 5: July 31 – August 4 

Creepy Crawlers and Creatures Week

Join us for a week of exploring the natural world around us.  Junior campers don their pith helmets and grab their magnifying glasses to explore the world of insects.  Senior Adventurers explore our pets and domestic animals and relate them to both their wild counterparts and to the imaginary chimera of the Pokemon universe. Our growing Mavericks go on safari to learn about the world’s more vulnerable species!

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
A Bugs Life

Our Junior Explorers learn all about the creepy crawlers that live both under and above ground near home and found in foreign places. We learn the basics of bug habitat and community life, and also explore the wide world of the weirdest and wildest bugs around!
Week 5 Calendar: A Bugs Life
TRIP Thursday: African Lion Safari

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Catch ‘em all
Our new Pokemon themed adventure focuses on our role in caring for the creatures of our world, as well as creating our own imaginary animals and pokemon characters. We’ll fill our pokedex with domestic animal facts. We look at pets you have at home and domesticated animals that make an important contribution to our way of life.
Week 5 Calendar: Catch ‘Em All 
TRIP Thursday: African Lion Safari

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Wildlife Conservation Camp
Fascinated by the natural world and want to protect it?  We’re providing a fun experience learning about nature, ecology and wildlife. Maverick’s take up the cause for conservation and learn about Ontario’s and the World’s Endangered, Threatened and Vulnerable species. Knowledgeable guests and creation of a fun campaign to help promote environment conservation. Be sure to pack your trail friendly shoes and a camera as we trek the local wetlands to observe and photograph natural wonders!
Week 5 Calendar: Wildlife NEW!
TRIP Wednesday: Niagara Butterfly Conservatory/ Gorge Hike (Comfortable Shoes Needed)
TRIP Thursday: African Lion Safari 

Week 6: August 8 – 11 (Short Week) 

Cirque de Waterdown Week

Dim the lights, start the music and raise the curtain!  All three of our groups explore drama as a way to learn about creative theatrical arts and show off their talents!  Junior Explorers re-create the fairy tale world of DreamWork’s Shrek characters right here on our WDHS stage.  Senior Adventurers will put together a production of their own including special guests from the world of local theatre and dance.   Mavericks will explore their own emerging talents through skits and puppetry. Our week includes the ever popular “On Site Carnival” and culminates in our now famous theatre in the round performance for each other and our parent families.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
Lil’ Ogres Camp

We’ll be exploring the characters, fairy tales and songs from Dreamwork’s Shrek, of The Movie and The Musical fame. This week will be designed to engage young campers in creative dramatic play, music, song and learning which Shrek Character they resemble most!
Week 6 Calendar: Lil’ Ogres Camp
TRIP On Site Carnival 

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Lights, Curtain, Action!
Senior Adventurers will be creating their own La La Land by doing a little acting, dancing and singing! We’ll bring together performances to entertain each other and our big production number for Friday’s Fun Family Theatre production!
Week 6 Calendar: Lights, Curtain, Action!
TRIP on Site Carnival

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
iCamp (Puppets, Theatre, and Tech!) 
iCampers will learn to use their devices to videograph our week of theatrical fun producing a “behind-the-scenes” documentary video to share with our group. Traditionally our techy iCampers are also helping put on our Friday stage production. This is not a program for couch potatoes, we will be active in and outdoors all week!
Week 6 Calendar: iCamp Theatre
TRIP on Site Carnival 

Week 7: August 14 – 18

Canada’s Having a Party! (Canada Celebrates 150 years!)

It’s Canada’s sesquicentennial birthday, and who doesn’t like a birthday party?! This week we’re all about discovering our country and the things and people that make it a great place to live. We’ll look at our indigenous, historic and modern roles and inventions, coordinate our trips to put a whole bunch of Canadian pride into this week’s summer fun, and to top off the week we’ll throw Canada a rockin’ birthday party!

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
Canada’s Local Heroes

Junior Explorers will interact with and learn from different local heroes that work in our community! From fire fighters to doctors, we inspire our young generation in this week of focus on Canadian heroes and careers, with dramatic play, fun stories and terrific guests! We’ll be visiting the local Fire Station.
Week 7 Calendar: Canada’s Local Heroes
TRIP WEDNESDAY: Waterdown Fire Station 

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
We Invented That!
Our Senior Adventurers are going to be amazed by all the things that Canadians have invented. From Mashed potatoes and Butter Tarts to Lacrosse, 5-pin bowling, basketball and Trivial Pursuit. Our focus is on learning and trying discoveries and inventions that inspire Canadian pride, and that make Canada a fun place to live. Besides inventing lots of fun, there’s lots to discover together this week! We’ll be visiting Westfield Heritage Village.
Week 7 Calendar: We Invented That! 
TRIP Wednesday: Westfield Heritage Museum 

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Waterdown circa 1867
Do our Mavericks know that we live in a historically rich part of Canada? We’ll be exploring olde Waterdown and this area’s connection to our indigenous and pioneer heritage as we create a map and model of our town as it stood in the 1800’s. We’ll explore historic indigenous culture and dress-up in character to re-live Canada’s birthday in 1867, not to mention helping plan our week’s Celebration of Canada birthday party!
Week 7 Calendar: Waterdown Circa
TRIPS: Waterdown Library, Westfield Heritage Museum, RBG Trails & Geochaching, Waterdown Bowling Lanes

Week 8: August 21 – 25

Great Outdoors Adventure Week!

Lets walk on the wild side as we explore the great outdoors by visiting local conservation areas to learn more about nature, plants, and wildlife. Campers will be guided in active hiking, swimming (we hire additional certified lifeguards just for our group), learn basic survival skills, create nature crafts, and play interactive group games. Our outings happen rain or shine, so come prepared! *Trip locations are subject to change (based on weather and other factors)

All Groups, Trips Every day!

  • Monday- Bissell’s Hideaway (ARRIVE EARLY by 8:45am latest!)
  • Tuesday- Gulliver’s Lake (New!)
  • Wednesday- Bronte Creek
  • Thursday- Shade Mills (or alternative)
  • Friday-  Mountsberg Conservation (ARRIVE EARLY by 8:45am latest)

Week 9: August 28 – September 1

The Great Escape Week!

Our most popular week leaves our campers a little exhausted, but with “perma-grins” from all of the fun in this “last blast!” of summer excitement. We venture out in the Camp Waterdown Amphibious Hovercrafts (ok, to some they LOOK like ordinary School Buses)  each day (rain or shine) to visit some of the most loved attractions in the Golden Horseshoe. It’s a laugh-a-minute, sing-along, dancing-in-the-streets, make-lifelong-summer-friends kind of Camp Waterdown summer fling with no equal. *Trip locations are subject to change (based on weather and other factors). 

** Please note that campers MUST purchase at least one additional week of camp to be able to attend our very popular Week 9 Great Escape Week Camp

All Groups, Trips Every day!

What do the fees include?  Extended before/after care, snacks, field trips, and exciting active engagement with friends, special guests and our talented, loveable, vibrant and ECE qualified staff!


We accept Cash, Cheque, INTERAC Email Payment, PAY PAL, and major credit cards by Pay Pal only. We do not accept payment by Debit Card or Pre-Authorized Debit at this time.

  • Full payment for for all weeks is now due at time of enrolment
    (Cash, Cheque, INTERAC and Credit / Card PayPal – should be received by us within 2 business days after online enrolment to maintain your pre-registration spot).

There is a $35 Administration Fee per child for registrants who are unable to “self-register online” and require manual registration (for reasons other than a technical fault at our end).

After June 30, 2018, prices for our camp week registrations will increase by 5%.

Cash and Cheque payments (in an envelope identified with the Program and Children(s) names) can only be made by bringing to:

Waterdown District Children’s Centre
(to the right of WDHS’s main entrance)
215 Parkside Drive, Waterdown


No refunds for cancellations will be given for Summer Camp Fees within 30 days of the Program Week start.

Due to the high demand, limited enrolment and need to secure program resources; we require our families’ full commitment upon registration. Credits or refunds are not given for illness, absences or program / facility closures due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. >> IMPORTANT Click Here for our full policy for changes and refunds <<

Registration and Wait List Policy

Space in our program is limited (and we adhere to Ministry guidelines for safe and effective Adult/Child ratios),  no space is reserved without receipt of payment and our acknowledgment of acceptance, and we reserve the right to refund and cancel enrolments if an accidental overbooking or program cancellation occurs. Once we have processed your payment, you will normally receive a separate placement acceptance confirmation which will be provided by email.

Wait List

If the programs do fill, parents will be offered a spot on our Waiting List in case we receive enough interest to warrant opening another group or openings occur due to cancellations. Wait List priority is not guaranteed as we do not take deposits, and we normally offer available space first to families previously enrolled in one of our full time programs.

Registration Process

The registration process consists of these steps:

  1. You will log in (or create a login) with your email address.
  2. You will be asked to Create (or Update) your Parent Contact Record details (or you may be able to Skip it if you have already agreed to policy changes).
  3. You will then be taken to your  Family Registration page.
  4. There you can Add New Child+ (or UPDATE your existing Child Record(s) ), and fill out child safety information.
  5. After you have successfully updated BOTH records: you will activate a Summer Camp 2018: New Registration link for each Child.

Click that link and you will open the form to register for the Summer Camp 2017 program (and it will pre-fill details from your Parent and Child Records).

If at any time you encounter a problem or question, NO NOT HESITATE to contact our Registration Customer Service via (Our registration forms also allow a “Save and Continue” link function so that you can save your place while you look for information or answers.)

After submission of your Program Registration, if you are paying by Credit Card / PayPal, you will be asked to pay on submission.  You will be given instructions on the form and in an automated confirmation email for other forms of payment.  (If you have a Hotmail or Gmail address, please ensure that you have added “” to your Contacts / Address Book first so that our confirmations don’t get flagged as “junk.”)

You may return to your Family Registration page at any time to review your registration or to check on its status.

Please take the time now to review our policies this year.  Most of your questions will be answered here, in our FAQ page or our Parent / Guardian Handbook