Summer Themes & Calendars

Summer Camp 2018 Week Themes

Most weeks also include special guest visitors and special activities that will be detailed in our Calendars.  Note: Some of our Field Trip Experiences are still being confirmed and subject to change.

Week 1: July 3 – 6 (Short Week, Closed for the Statutory Holiday July 2)

Timeless Mysteries Week

Our first week of summer camp is devoted to “investigation”. Expect the unexpected and prepare yourself for a new adventure. Patience, attention to detail and teamwork will all be braved this week and put to the test. Parents are invited to our camp wide show and share on Friday at a drop-in basis from 3:30-5:30pm.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
Dinosaur Dig Investigators

This dino-mite week is filled with fossil discovery, dinosaur crafts and exciting gross motor activities.
WEEK 1 – JR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: SplashPad Excursion

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Sherlock Shenanigans
From logic and mystery to challenges and solutions our campers will participate in many different activities such as decoding and building their own escape rooms.
Week 1 – SR -2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Community History Walk

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Detective Drama

Mavericks will be engaged full force in the lives of a detective, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to solving crimes and keeping our communities safe.
WEEK 1 – MAVS-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Halton Region Police Headquarters (Oakville)

Week 2: July 9 – 13

Sports Week

With many new and exciting special visitor’s, children will have a hands-on experience that incorporates physical activity, teamwork and a lot of fun. We will be getting together as a camp to have a pep rally that encourages all campers to have fun and be positive. NEW THIS YEAR: We will be hosting our very first ever track and field meet Friday. We would love to see our families out to cheer on our teams Friday starting at 3:00pm.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
Kinder Kinetics

Get a taste of gymnastics, swimming, exciting large group games including a real-life version of hungry hungry hippos and parachute games, and more.
WEEK 2- JR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Bronte Creek

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Fitness Fanatics

Sports and fitness fun aimed at EVERY ability level. We’ll be developing healthy lifestyle, leadership, respect and team building essentials. Hilarious large group games of soccer baseball, an introduction to inclusive sports, swimming and more.
WEEK 2 – SR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Bronte Creek

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
MVP Madness
Fun, leadership, self-confidence, improve sports skills as well as promoting sportsmanship our week takes on swimming, obstacle courses, nutrition, and a fun tricks competition. Accessible to ALL abilities.
WEEK 2- MAVS-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Bronte Creek, SuperStore – SuperNutrition (Oakville)

Week 3: July 16 – 20

Science Week

This week is about spiking children’s naturally curiosity as well as allowing them to create and expand their scientific knowledge. Junior explorers will cover what goes on in our planet from the sea to the sky. Seniors delve into the world of jet propulsion and electronics. Mavericks go all robotic and programmer in this STEM oriented week. Parents are encouraged to attend our exciting Science Fair on Friday at a drop-in basis from 3:00-5:00pm in the gymnasium.

Jr Explorers (JK/SK)
Summer Time Scientist

Let’s start off this week with a pop! Bubbleology will be presenting a hands-on performance for our campers. We will be going on a field trip to Wildhagen in Milton, and much more experiments, crafts and fun.
WEEK 3 – JR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)

TRIP: Wildhagen (Milton)

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Scientific Methods and Mindsets

Design your own rocket launchers and electric circuits. Participate in motivational challenges and discovery projects to be presented in our Science Fair on Friday.
WEEK 3 – SR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Local Food Experience Excursion

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
RoboCoding 101
An amazing adventure through the world of robotics. Building and programming, resulting in obstacle courses, missions and a Science Fair on Friday to show off our mobile minions.
WEEK 3 – MAVS-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: McMaster University: Planetarium, Nuclear Reactor Presentation plus more.

Week 4: July 23 – 27

Abstract Art Week

Our famous art week is back with new and improved activities that include the enchanted world of Dr. Seuss for Juniors, a new world of art with a special and unique experience called Art in the Park for Seniors and Mavericks will be putting their chopping, measuring and baking skills to the test in our sensational and tasteful cooking week.

Jr Explorers (JK/SK)
Summer of Suess

A variety of Suess themed experiences,  art activities for our campers, an exciting trip to THE MUSEUM in Kitchener, a dessert-making challenge, and a Summer Art Crawl for our families to join us from 3:30 – 5:30 pm on Friday!
WEEK 4 – JRs-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: THE MUSEUM (Kitchener)

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Dynamic Designers

This week is filled with sketching, painting and molding in a variety of different art lessons that put our creativity to the test. Senior campers will design their own art gallery, which will come alive in our Friday Drop-In Art Crawl.
WEEK 4- SRs Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Kelso Conservation (Art In The Park & Swimming)

Sr Adventurers (7 – 9 yrs)

We take the electronic device and design route to artful exploration (plus lots of active group play as well) and prepare an electronic media contribution to the camp art gallery, which we’ll display in our Family Friday Drop-In Art Crawl.
WEEK 4 -SRs ICAMP Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Kelso Conservation (Art In The Park & Swimming)

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Mastering the Art of Cooking
From food handling skills to learning how to cook breakfast, baking, pastries and everyday meals. On Friday, we’ll travel to an as yet determined special food experience! We’ll show off our tasty tea and treats during the Family Friday drop-in.
WEEK 4 – MAVS COOKING Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Local Farm or Food Experience Trip (TBA)

Week 5: July 30 – August 3 

Animal Adventures Week

We’ll be learning about the wonderful world of animals down below the ground and up high in the sky, while we have a lot of fun, all monkeyin’ around. Animal care, habitats and ecosystems. Food-chains and bio-domes! Join us Friday afternoon for an Animal Showcase to see how we’re going to be the next generation of ecosystem protectors.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)

Delve into the wonderful world of forest, sea and farm animals. Activities include creating life size habitats, making healthy treats that animals would eat, field trip to Springdale Farms, and a special jungle jamboree to end the week.
WEEK 5 – JR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Springridge Farms (Milton)

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Create life size habitats and play interactive games like hungry hungry hippo! We will have two special visitors as well as workshops learning about the evolution of primates plus our fieldtrip is to Reptilia, the reptile zoo. Family Friday we’ll showcase all that we’ve been up to in our Camp habitat.
WEEK 5 – SR Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Reptilia Zoo (Vaughan)

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Ecosystems Extravaganza
Take the pledge to protect the earth and all of the organisms in it. We will take our campers on several missions throughout the week to learn about and create eco-friendly systems that interact and support the herbivores, carnivores and other biodiversity on our planet. Join us on Family Friday to see our Animal Ecosystem Showcase.
WEEK 5 – MAVS-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Reptilia Zoo (Vaughan), Rockcliffe Park

Week 6: August 7 – 10 (Short Week, Closed for the Statutory Holiday August 6) 

Cinema Stars Week

Focus your lens on movie creation, technological animation and real life reporting during our week long send-up of Hollywood North. We’re spinning the reels and putting a fun new spin on our traditional drama camp.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
Disney Dreamers

Once Upon a Time we’ll focus on dramatic play, learning the do’s and dont’s of being real life heroes and how to be a good friend with inspiration from our favourite characters. We’ll be going to a special movie at in Oakville, and join us Family Friday for a Zumba class!
WEEK 6 – JR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: (Oakville)

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Animation Station
Learn about the evolution of 2D and 3D characters, scenery and animation of film, and become proficient in nature photography with the use of real cameras and an editing workshop. We’ll visit in Oakville for a special movie day out and end the week with a Family Friday Zumba class (everyone is welcome)!
WEEK 6 – SR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: (Oakville)

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Comedy Central 
Tour a real live newsroom, attend an improv workshop and dabble a little in advertising and other forms of media expression. This week is a cornucopia of fun and entertainment.
WEEK 6 – MAVS-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: City TV / OMNI News Station, Second City Kids Comedy Club (Toronto)

Week 7: August 13 – 17

Worldly Adventures

The world is our oyster this week. Culinary, dancing and music arts from the 4 corners of our globe. Family Friday will feature an Irish celebration for our Junior and Senior families and a sampling from our Maverick’s gustatory creations.

Jr. Explorers (JK/SK)
All Aboard!

Throughout the week campers will aboard a “plane ride” where they must get their passports stamped and travel into a classroom transformed into World destinations. Campers will get to create a number of crafts and participate in many exciting activities representing different countries.
WEEK 7 – JR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Amazing Adventures Indoor Playground

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Island Hoppers
Hawaii, Greece & Ireland are the places our Senior campers will be visiting through our passport to paradise activities. Cultural experiences including music, dance, food and even some scientific experiments help us learn about the geography and topography of these islands. A visit to the Americana – fun in the sun or rain water park – Resort lends a tropical feel to our island hopping experience.
WEEK 7 – SR-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Americana Resort Waterpark (Niagara Falls)

NEW! Sr Adventurers (Gr1-2)
En français, s’il vous plaît?
Un programme-pilote pour les étudiants qui entrent ou qui sont inscrits en première ou deuxième année d’immersion en français. Nous nous amuserons à apprendre la base de la langue pour nous préparer à entrer dans le programme d’immersion à l’école ou pour donner une pousse à ceux qui viennent de commencer. Ce programme sera enseigné par un enseignant qualifié par l’Ordre des enseignantes et des enseignants de l’Ontario et va se passer dans un environnement de camp qui est à la fois amusant et rempli d’activités enrichies.

A pilot program for students entering or in Grades 1 or 2 French Immersion. We will have fun learning the basics of the language to help prepare for entering the immersion program at school or to give a “boost” for those who have just begun. This program will be taught by a bilingual certified OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher) in a fun and activity filled camp based environment.
WEEK 7 – FRENCH-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Foods from around the World
We will put on our aprons and master some culturally inspired dishes this week as well as advance our cooking skills. We’ll have a sweet experience travelling to a honey bee farm and a trip to the Hamilton’s Farmer Market will include an Asian inspired cooking lesson and guided scavenger hunt for new and wonderful international ingredients.
WEEK 7 – MAVs-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Downton Hamilton Farmer’s Market (Hamilton), Americana Resort Waterpark (Niagara Falls)

Week 8: August 20 – 24

T.E.A.M Week! (Together Everyone Achieves More)

In our 6TH year of Camp Waterdown we are taking time to celebrate our togetherness. Our counsellors have put together something really special that will celebrate all of the WDCC community. Campers will have an exciting week participating in fun group games and challenges, Yearbook crafts, bonding exercises, pep rallies, special guest, community walking trips and hosting our very first All-Invitation WDCC Family BBQ and Carnival.

All Groups
WEEK 8-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Andrew’s Scenic Acres (Halton Hills)

Week 9: August 27 – August 31

The Great Escape Week!

This week is JAMMED PACKED with fun-filled days out and about in the Greater Toronto Area. We travel as an entire camp rain or shine to the best of the best locations that we have to offer. Campers get to experience the GREATEST end to their summer they could ever imagine, exploring and adventuring with their friends and making memories that are sure to last a life time. Price includes a free new Camp Waterdown T-Shirt that your child gets to take home.

** Please note that campers MUST purchase at least one additional week of camp to be able to attend our very popular Week 9 Great Escape Week Camp

All Groups, Trips Every day!
WEEK 9-2018 Activity Calendar (PDF)

Our most popular week of daily-tripping leaves our campers a little exhausted, but with “perma-grins” from all of the fun in this “last blast!” of summer excitement.

This Year’s Anticipated Trip Agenda

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