Summer Themes & Calendars

UPDATED July 19th!

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Week 1: July 2 – 5 (Short Week, Closed for the Statutory Holiday July 1)

True North Experience Week

We are going to spread our wings and soar into a truly “Canadian-inspired” theme week (with no snow). Celebration of Canadian culture, history and the diversity that this far reaching country offers inspires our summertime activities.

Jr. Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Animal Canada

Explore Canadian-based animals and insects through sensory play and outdoor fun including a trip to Wildhagens Gardens. O’Canada Party Friday!
WEEK 1 – JR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Wildhagens Cardens

Sr Adventurers (68mths-12 yrs)
True North, Eh!
Start summer celebrating all that Canada has to offer. Food, culture, art, sports, games, outdoor & wildlife education. Life-sized cardboard structures. O’Canada Party Friday!
Week 1 – SR -2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Mountsberg Conservation Halton

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
True North, Eh!
Start summer celebrating all that Canada has to offer. Food, culture, art, sports, games, outdoor & wildlife education. Life-sized cardboard structures. O’Canada Party Friday!
WEEK 1 – MAVS-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Mountsberg Conservation Halton

Week 2: July 8 – 12

Sunshine & Adrenaline Week

This week everyone gets to shine as our team puts the emphasis on outdoor experiences with campers making exciting new personal discoveries and focusing on outdoor activity.

Jr. Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Summer Sunshine

Get out and experience the great outdoors, the sunshine and what they enjoy the most about summer – waterplay! Field trip to Chinquacousy Park planned.
WEEK 2- JR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Chinguacousy Park

Sr Adventurers (68mths-12 yrs)
MVP Mentors (Building Confidence & Fitness)

Work with local speakers and professional athletes in a mostly outdoor setting to be inspired and motivated to overcome team activity & sports challenges at ALL comfort levels!
WEEK 2 – SR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Tim Hortons Field

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Youth Power
Experience new team & individual games and sports. Explore new adventures on wheels, trampolines, ramps and walls stepping outside of the box to challenge & expand your confidence!
WEEK-2- MAVS-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
3 TRIPs Planned!: Aspire Climbing, Rollerplex Roller Skating, Kelso Conservation Park & Aerial Ropes

Week 3: July 15 – 19

So Fresh! Farm2Table Week

This week campers get a true taste of healthy eating with a bit of science thrown in that can be both informative and delicious! We will all learn about the relationships between farm grown food, healthy alternatives and how farmer’s markets and restaurants can use what is grown locally!

Jr Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Fresh Food Frenzy!

Campers will get an up-close look at a local farm to see where some of our food and feed for animals comes from, plus lots of other food chain and animal related activities.
WEEK 3 – JR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Puddicombe Farms

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
Growing Up Green (Agri-Science)

Budding botanists, enthusiastic environmentalists and agile agri-scientists will love this week as we get down to earth and delve deep into what “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” really means.
WEEK 3 – SR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF) 
TRIP: Local Farm Nurseries

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Restaurant Revolution
Mavs will be hard at work designing their very own restaurant from the ground up. Learning about food services, and engaging in lots of fun skill-building and food tasting challenges.
WEEK 3 – MAVS-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Hamilton Farmers’ Market

Week 4: July 22 – 26

Makerspace 2019

Calling all creators, inventors and master builders! Makerspace is more than a space; it’s a way for campers to enhance their creative skills and innovation through manipulating natural materials, tools and technology.

Jr Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Community Builders

Doctors, Dentists, & Community Builders visit. We learn about the amazing local makers and community services that make Waterdown a creative and unique community to live in.
WEEK 4 – JRs -2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
Excursion: Puddicombe Farms

Sr Adventurers (68mths-12 yrs)

We will work on special projects with wood, cement, and the creation of structures with a focus on science, technology and artistic design. Plus Special Visitor Bricks 4 Kidz Lego Workshop
WEEK 4- SRs-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
Excursion: Local Hardware & Tools WorkShop, 

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Makerspace Robots
MAVs will be getting more than just a teaser on robotics as well as an introduction to other Makerspace constructive technology crafts.
WEEK 4 – MAVS-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
Excursion: Playdium, Mississauga

Week 5: July 29 – August 2 

Rock & Roll! The Speed and Motion Week

We put our team activity wheels into drive and explore the mechanics of speed and motion! Machines and Ramps and Robots, oh my!

Jr. Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Mighty Machines

A fun-filled first-hand look and feel of the simple and complex machines that we interact with daily.  If it has wheels, we’ve pretty much got it covered with fun activities and special visitors.
WEEK 5 – JR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Aladdin’s Adventures (Indoor Playground) 

Sr Adventurers (68mths-12 yrs)
Mechanical Marvels
Seniors discover what they can achieve together mechanically as they get up close and personal with appropriate tools, pulleys, ramps and gears, in a race of activities sure to get your motor running!
WEEK 5 – SR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Rockin’ Robotics
LEGO robotics building, programming and challenges at all levels of experience. Plus Special Visitor Bricks 4 Kidz Lego (Campers from Week 4 will continue to expand on the robot programming skills they have already begun.)
WEEK 5 – MAVS-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Mc Master Planetarium

Week 6: August 6 – 9 (Short Week, Closed for the Statutory Holiday August 5) 

Pop Culture Week

Let’s beat the heat by bringing our favourite pop culture characters, stories, games and adventures to life!

Jr. Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Seussical Summer

We will enjoy a crazy Seussical Summer adventure bringing the books to life through fun learning activities, a real movie theatre experience, mix-matched colorful days and our Whoville Party.
WEEK 6 – JR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: (Oakville)

Sr Adventurers (Gr1-12 yrs)
The Series Smorgasbord
Seniors groups will participate in a zany week of comedy, action, mystery and fantasy adventure activities inspired by television, movies and characters we enjoy together.
WEEK 6 – SR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: (Oakville)

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Multimedia Mania 
Mavs experience a smash-up of media adventures including creating a Comedy Club, an at camp Escape Room Experience, and a Fantasy Genre day.
WEEK 6 – MAVS-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: (Oakville)

Week 7: August 12 – 16

Kids Rule! Week

This week is all about everything kids love to do! We touch on a little bit of everything from natural science, to sports and the creative arts.

Jr. Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Dinosaur Drama

It’s going to be an exciting week of excavating as we dig deeper into all of the mysteries of the dinosaurs, the early evolution of our living planet, and play like it’s 75 Millions Years BCE!
WEEK 7 – JR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Cedar Springs Recreational Sports Facility and Splash Pad

Sr Adventurers (68mths-12 yrs)
I Like to Move It, Move It!
Time to get active! We’ll be indulging for 3 days as special guests in new specialized programs of sports and summer rec at Cedar Springs Sports & Recreation Complex. Tennis anyone? We’ll throw in our own versions of team sports and have a great time!
WEEK 7 – SR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Cedar Springs Sports Complex

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Food-ology Tech
Our “saucy” new Food & Technology camp week that mixes the best of our popular cooking theme with a modern twist. Our favourite fun and messy food games and challenges.
WEEK 7 – MAVs-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
Excursion: Boston Pizza Kitchen Tour and Pizza Making

Week 8: August 19 – 23

Aqua-escape! Week

We will be embark on a voyage of adventure from the “Island of Camp Waterdownia” to have a blast with one of the most precious assets of our planet (and a welcome part of every summer): Water.

Jr. Explorers (44mths-6yrs)
Life at Sea

We will be taking a dramatic approach learning about life at sea, animals, crustaceans and the life of storybook pirates! Baby Shark, do, do do doo!
WEEK 8 – JR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: Hamilton Children’s Museum & Gage Parl Splash Pad

Sr Adventurers (68mths-12 yrs)
H 2 Oh!
It’s all wet! We get to experience the science, creativity, engineering , and playfulness of water; explore fresh and salt water properties, create an irrigation system, obstacle courses, and more fun!
WEEK 8 – SR-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
TRIP: The Americana Indoor Waterpark

Mavericks (9-13yrs)
Waterfall Wonders
Mavs will be taking a magical adventure; scoping out some of the best hidden gems our area has to offer as they become scientists of Waterfall-ogy.
WEEK 8 – MAVs-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)
THREE TRIPs!: McMaster School of Geography & Earth Sciences Tours, Labs and Escarpment Fossils (on two days!), plus local Water Falls, and a trip to The Americana Indoor Waterpark

Week 9: August 26 – August 30

The Great Escape Week!

This week is JAMMED PACKED with fun-filled days out and about in the Western Greater Toronto Area. We travel as an entire camp, rain or shine, to the best of the best locations our area has to offer. Join us for this exciting “ALL BUS TRIPS last summer extravaganza before the new school year” week.  All trips are well supervised adhering to our high standard Adult to Child Ratios and all chidlren wear identifying CW t-shirts.

** Campers MUST purchase at least one additional week of camp to be able to attend our very popular Week 9 Great Escape Week Camp

All Groups, Trips Every day!
WEEK 9-2019 Activity Calendar (PDF)

Our most popular week of daily-tripping leaves our campers a little exhausted, but with “perma-grins” from all of the fun in this “last blast!” of summer excitement.

This Year’s Anticipated Trip Agenda*

*Subject to planning, facility and weather changes. (Alternative locations are planned.)