Quick Reminder: Changes and additions to Camp Weeks can not be made on the registration form.

Our number one email request at this time of year is to ask how to make changes, additions and withdrawals from Summer Camp Weeks.

Some families have experienced some confusion because it is easy to miss the notices and Blog posts that ask that you ONLY submit a Form Request from your Child’s Registration summary in you Family Registration page.

Changes to camp weeks, withdrawals and additions for existing campers can not be made on the original registration form.  Changes and additions need to be done manually at our end, so parents / guardians wanting to make changes will need to make a note of the dates and fill out the manual request form so that we can match your request to your child’s registration ID.

Also, at this time of year our registration administration staff are rotating summer vacation time, so please expect some delays in responding to your requests.

Also, please take note that our new Refund Policy does not permit refunds for absences or withdrawals made after July 3rd except by appeal under very exceptional circumstances.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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