Quick Update re: Strike Days & Before & After School Fees

Understandably, when we are trying to accommodate an unexpected situation, there can be some confusion.

Some parents (who are not signed up for our Full Day Alternate Care Program) have been asking us whether they can still bring a child for their regular paid Before and/or After School spot this Friday January 31 (and next Thursday and Friday should the strike still be on) or, alternatively, receive a credit or refund.

Unfortunately no, unless you are signed up and confirmed for our Full Day Alternative Care Program, our program is now considered full. Before and After School fees are now committed for February care.

Our Before & After School program is closed ANY time there is a school closure.  This time we are able to provide the Full Day Alternative Care Program only by offering Full Day spots for those families in our community that need the most care soonest.

Your pre-paid Before and After School Fees are not creditable nor refundable should you not be enrolled in the Full Day Alternative Care program.  You do still have access to the Ontario government’s Support for Parents rebate to offset most of this pre-paid cost.

Our Board of Directors will consider extension of our School Closure Policy to Before and After School families that are not using our Full Day Program should the union go out on a full strike for more than 3 consecutive days (where our Full Day program can continue to operate).

Should schools close completely for more than 3 consecutive days and we cannot operate or relocate our Full Day Alternative Care program, then further Before & After School fees pre-paid would be refunded or credited as families prefer from the 4th day forward as per our School Closure Policy that all families have agreed to before registering.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may email Wayne at register@campwaterdown.com


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