Reminder: Winter Holiday Closures and Friday December 1st Professional Development Day Closure

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December 1, 2023 — All programs (Before and After school AND our full day Early Learning and Child Care ELCC program) are closed for the day so that Educators may participate in a City wide professional development opportunity. Educators will be engaing in learning opportunities that will focus on leadership, wellbeing, diversity and enhanced outdoor play.

This means there are no care options being provided on Friday December 1st. Funding is provided by the City of Hamilton and so we will be reducing your December fees by one day.

Other Holiday Closures

Before and After School Programs: Closed December 25-January 5. All Before and After programs are closed due to the winter school break closure. A Winter Break Program for January 2-5 will be announced by email and on your Family Registration Page in the coming weeks and operated at our Guy B Brown location. Capacity is limited.

ELCC Programs: Closed December 25-January 1, 2023. The Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) program will be closed to allow our educators time to spend with their families over the holidays.

Holiday closures are already anticipated in your current monthly fees as they are amortized over an entire program year.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by email.


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