Request for Your Before and After School Care Requirement Updates (for January)

All families on our Wait Lists for Before & After school care for Guy B. Brown, Mary Hopkins and Allan A. Greenleaf can update their upcoming requirements as we may have some new space available for children who are currently attending at school, or who will be returning to in-school learning on Monday  January 11th.

If you have not yet registered, please proceed to the Wait List registration page: 2020-2021 September Before & After School Pre-Registration

Families currently on our B&A Wait List who no longer require care or who are going to continue at home learning for this school year and want to help simplify the process for those families who ARE still or who WILL be seeking a space in our program for January or March returns should reach out to us with an update.

Please update us at

If you no longer need a care space for  January, then you can ask us to change the anticipated return date for additional consideration or ask us to remove you from the wait list. You are under no obligation to accept a space from the Wait List if offered and you no longer require it.

If we have not heard from you recently, then we will be retiring Wait List requests and ask that you contact us by email or re-apply to the wait list after that date (that is, if we haven’t already heard from you and updated your needs before January 11th).

Thank you!


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