Room left in our Junior Explorer’s Summer Day Camp for JK / SK eligible children

In Ontario, Full-Day kindergarten gives our four- or five-year-olds a stronger start at school. At Camp Waterdown, we give JK / SK eligible children a summer opportunity to get ready for their new role in our school systems.

There are many things that you can do at home to prepare your child for school.  You can give them a positive start on learning and support them during kindergarten but, Camp Waterdown can take that a step further.  This summer camp provides JK / SK eligible children with a quality, fun summer day program while best preparing children for their future learning in the school system.

Our  program operates similarly to how the school boards offer their kindergarten programs with similar routines and schedules. The class size is small, with a 1:13 ratio at most, allowing for optimal teacher-child interaction in a nurturing setting. All our groups are segmented according to age in order to give children the best opportunities to interact with close-age peers.

In keeping with Camp Waterdown’s focus on learning, this program will strongly hone in on components of literacy, numeracy and language through enriched play opportunities.  For just a week or the whole summer, Camp Waterdown with its exceptional ECE-led Staff and multi-needs experience is one of the best places to start your child off on the right path to life long learning.

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5 Responses to “Room left in our Junior Explorer’s Summer Day Camp for JK / SK eligible children”

  1. Terri-Ann Ortiz

    Just wondering how we will know if we get into a camp from the waiting list

    • Very good question Terry. Once I have gone through the availabilities, I make assignments (change the child’s registration) and then send out an email confirmation to the family asking if they would like to keep it. The confirmation contains all the detail updates, new balance payable, etc. If the spot is no longer wanted, it goes back into the pool and is assigned to the next waiting family.

      Right now there are a few spots still waiting to get assigned because it’s a time of the year where many families make changes to their summer plans, and in the next week or so, those families who have not paid their deposits will have their spots assigned to waiting families, so we expect a few more wait listed children to find spots in our programs.

      Although last year almost every wait listed family who waited long enough received a spot, this year will be different because we have a stricter admin fee and refund policy for late withdrawal (families are being more careful not to “over-book” just to hold spots that they won’t eventually need while doing vacation planning – which was the problem we were running into in years past).

      However, at any time our families can also check their online Family Registration page (which is a good idea since some of our email confirmations don’t make it through to Hotmail, Outlook, Live and some organizations because of spam filtering (our confirmations contain lots of references to money and therefore will trigger spam filters UNLESS has been added to the recipient whitelist (or Online Contacts).

  2. Maryann Klopfer

    That actually works out well for us, thanks for your reply.

  3. Maryann Klopfer

    I couldn’t make the open-house last night, but my question is will the Junior campers (age 5) be at the Guy Brown location for the summer 2016? Also, is there a trip planned for week 1?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Maryann,

      All programs for Summer 2016 occur at the High School due to an order by the School Board that we not operate at Guy Brown (due to additional construction that they scheduled at the last minute). We had no choice but to accept the offer of room in the high school. However the rooms for Juniors are being outfitted with appropriate furniture and accessories with a location central to the junior groups and separate from the senior groups except for gathering times.

      Currently there is no trip scheduled for the Junior groups for Week 1.