Sun, Friday Pitas, Busy Beginnings and other Summer Camp updates

We can’t believe it’s almost already WEEK THREE!

Sunscreen Alert

The Pan Am games are starting, and next week our own special Summer Olympics will mean that we’re going to try to be outdoors, weather permitting. Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child(ren) before coming to camp and send a bottle of high SPF sunscreen labelled with your child’s name.

In case you don’t have any, we also have an emergency supply of Croc Bloc. If you do not want us to apply our own sunscreen (if your child doesn’t have their own) please contact

Pita Pit Fridays

Each Friday the local Pita Pit caters lunch to Camp Waterdown. This is optional for parents who would like to purchase a pita for $5. If you are interested, fill out an order form and let your group leader know before the Thursday morning.

Fun Fact: A dollar from each pita pit purchased helps our community outreach initiative “Summer to Remember” a City Kidz run program sending campers to Camp Waterdown!

Busy Drop Off Mornings!

You may notice a lot more activity in the parking lot, not only because we have more campers than last year, but due to the sharing of space with the YMCA camp (and the Y uses the school’s front entrance in the mornings for a camp bus pick-up). When you drop off make sure you park and accompany your child INSIDE the building at Camp Waterdown and not at our friendly neighbours YMCA-Flamborough Camp. Also, any time we are having a field trip, we always assemble inside the building and distribute colourful CW identifying t-shirts FIRST before going out to the bus as a group (please do not wait outside).


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