T.E.A.M. Week 8 August 20 – 24

WDCC Family Celebration BBQ Face Painting

WEEK 8 August 20th – 24th, 2018 Summer Camp Program

T.E.A.M Week! (Together Everyone Achieves More)

In our 6TH year of Camp Waterdown we are taking time to celebrate our togetherness. Our counsellors have put together something really special that will celebrate all of the WDCC community. Campers will have an exciting week participating in fun group games and challenges, Yearbook crafts, bonding exercises, pep rallies, special guests, community walking trips…

… and hosting our very first all-out WDCC Family BBQ and Carnival.

Special Activities

WDCC Family Celebration BBQ – Friday August 24th from 4:00-6:00pm

We will be having our yearly Carnival and first ever BBQ on the WDHS Track Field (Rain Cover is the WDHS Gymnasium).

Place your free food order (for your child and family) here: https://www.campwaterdown.com/bbq/

All families who have attended any of our programs and have an active online member account are invited to join us for a free BBQ dinner and play time. Bouncy Castles, Games, Face Painting and more!

Extended family members, siblings and friends who you register are welcome to join us at this private function!

Friday August 24th Sign Out

Families with toddlers and preschoolers in care at WDCC should sign them out at the WDCC program as they won’t be brought to the field. Week 8 Campers can either be signed out at the usual program office before 4pm, or picked up and signed out after 4pm at the event.

Other Activities

All groups will be participating in the same types of activities (made age and developmentally appropriate of course!) so we do not have separate schedules for each age group this week.

We will be taking part in various community initiatives, having neighboring partners come in for a visit and will be focusing on inclusion, diversity, teamwork and acceptance of all this week!


BBQ Meals & Entrance Coupons are required:
Please register ALL your child in advance
(plus yourself and any other family / friends that will be attending, you can always return to this form to add more people) for their Friday BBQ Meal as soon as possible here: https://www.campwaterdown.com/bbq/

That way we will know how much food to order! If you commit to come, please come as it will be fun and we don’t want any food to go to waste. We will have vegetarian, gluten free and Halal options.

Field Trip for ALL

THURSDAY TRIP: Kelso Conservation, Milton

Please arrive by 8:30am or you may miss the bus! (We don’t have any alternatives to care for children who are not on the trips.)


Please note that we will be going to Memorial Park (each group will go once) and to Kelso Conservation this week. Please pack a bathing suit every day just in case!


Registration Changes

Our summer registration is now closed for the season. ( register@campwaterdown.com will not be regularly monitored until after August 29th, please contact info@campwaterdown.com with your questions and needs in the meantime)

Absences & Urgent Calls:
If you need to get in touch with us, are going to be later than 9am (or 8:30am on field trip days) or absent, please call 905-902-1261 or 905-902-1236 only. We do not accept absence reports by email.

If you have not notified us about an absence, we will contact you at 9:30am by telephone to confirm the non-arrival of your child as per our safe arrival policy.


Please note that sections of Parkside Drive may require that you detour or stop for flagged one-way access.

We can suggest an alternative is to head West on Rockhaven Lane (Stop Light south of Fortinos) , turn right on Segwun Road and follow it around until it intersects with Keewadin Street. Turn right (East) off Keewaydin onto Parkside Drive and the Student Parking entrance is your next left off Parkside after the track field.

If you accidentally follow Keewaydin Street across Parkside Drive you will end up in the Main WDHS Parking Lot and that makes it more difficult to walk to our program from there.

Camp is located at the far EAST Wing of Waterdown District High School (WDHS) by the Blue Gymnasium which has it’s own student parking lot and driveway off Parkside Drive (one block east of the Main WDHS/YMCA Entrance).

A few families have difficulty finding it the first time. (Our video can help orient you.)

You should not cross through the high school from the main entrance (nor drive from the Main Parking Lot through to the Student Parking Lot), but you can walk from the Main Parking around on the outside above the sports field to the East Entrance.

Please park in any designated visitor/student spot. You may not park, stop or idle in the drop-off / fire zone (we get complaints from the school and will have cars towed).

After parking please bring your child(ren) in and up the stairs to the Check In room on the second floor.

Parking Map
CLICK for a larger map view, plus Video and answers to Frequently Asked Questions


More FAQs & Orientation:

For more information about the camp, parking, and first day procedures, please review our Video, and Frequesntly Asked Questions page. The video is especially useful to share with children who have first day of camp jitters (and parents too!). Some of our personnel and group names have changed (and staff now wear white uniform shirts).

Pre-camp check list:

  1. a healthy tree nut, peanut and sesame free LUNCH
    (parents will be called to bring in a lunch if it is forgotten)
  2. two extra small snacks (for nibbling during breaks during the main program, we provide an additional a.m and p.m snack for those children in our extended care)
  3. bring a water bottle with your child’s name on it
  4. apply sunscreen BEFORE or while dropping your child off, and pack a bottle of high SPF sunscreen with your child’s name on it.
    (Sunscreen will be re-applied in the afternoon, young campers will be assisted.)
  5. bring a sun hat and wear comfortable clothing that protects shoulders from the sun (tank tops are discouraged) and pack extra clothes in case of accidents or messiness from our amazing hands on experiences
  6. a bathing suit and towel each day in case we venture out to the splash pad or for swimming trips
  7. comfortable running shoes are highly recommended, flip flops are not permitted except for water play.
  8. running late or absent? If you are going to be later than 9am (or 8:30am on field trip days) or absent, please call 905-902-1261 or 905-902-1236 (no emails) .
    We call families starting at 9:30am for any child absent without notice as per our safe arrival policy.
  9. check in on the 2nd Floor, Room 2047
  10. have a terrific, fun experience!

NOTE: *We are a PEANUT, TREE NUT AND SESAME free program, as we have children with severe anaphylactic allergies.

Hours of operation:
7am until 6pm + extended hours (7-9am and 4-6pm) are included in your fee. A healthy snack will be provided during extended hours.

Trip Days Arrival:

If you have not arrived in time for a Field Trip Days (8:30am), then we can not care for your child that day. In SOME cases we may allow you to bring them to the trip venue yourself to meet the group (you must check-in and obtain permission and instructions from the Camp Directors first).

Morning Entrance:

Each day, enter at the East Entrance and

come up the stairs to check in at our “Check Point Room” – Room 2047 on your left.

First day: look for child’s name / group on the white board and then proceed to the sign in tables. The different tables will be clearly identified.

  • Jr. Explorers are either the Owls, Toucans or Minnows
  • Sr. Adventures & Mavericks are different colored groups

At your sign-in table you will be greeted by one of our Camp Leaders. This would be a good time to communicate any specific needs, pre-arranged medication etc.

Once you have checked in you will write your child/children’s name on a locker which will be clearly marked to match your group (colour coordinated) and will remain the same for the week. Staff will direct you to the appropriate classroom where your fun day begins!

Please do not be afraid to ask our counsellors in white shirts for assistance if you need any help and remember the first day of each week can be a little bit chaotic!! We are all here to help and get ready for an awesome week!!

Main Program:
At 9:15am sharp on the first day our campers will go for a morning pep rally and some exercise to get us ready for the day and the amazing week ahead of us. On the first day the camp leaders will be introduced to all campers, and then your group leaders will gather their group and continue the planned portion of our program.

Afternoon Pick-up:
Enter at the same location as drop off. After 4pm please check the board in the middle of the hallway to find out which room your children’s group will be. Pick-up your child/children and sign them out in the check point room. As this time of day it can become very busy please be patient and remember as numbers get lower we will be merging children into different groups. We do our best to make this as organized as possible.

Children must be picked up by their parent/guardian, or a pre-designated adult contact. We may ask for ID from all visitors to ensure child safety. Any person picking up who is not the parent will be required to bring valid photo identification (no exceptions) and the parent must give us prior consent.

Friday Parent Drop-In:
Parents are invited to our camp wide Zumba Class in the gymnasium on Friday afternoon.

Swimming Safety:

Due to a number of recent changes in public swimming pool policies, we have decided not to include public swimmable depth pools in our summer camp excursion planning. Safe and active water play continues to be an important part of our summer fun, experiential learning, and staying cool at Camp Waterdown.

If you have any questions regarding swimming / water play and our policies, or wish to relay water safety information specific to your child, please do not hesitate to call or speak with our Camp Directors.

Lost & Found:
Each year we accumulate an abundance of un-marked clothing, water bottles, knap sacks and other personal items. When leaving the program on your last day, please remember to cruise by the Lost & Found table on your way out!

If you have an absence or any urgent messages that need to be delivered to the Camp please call us on our site phone: 905-902-1261 or 905-902-1236

Emailed messages are not monitored regularly during the day.

If you have any questions about this week, Week 9 or the program, please email: info@campwaterdown.com or katelyn.kusmirski@wdcc.ca

Summer’s in the home stretch, and we can’t wait to see you this week!!

Thank you!
Katelyn, Chantelle and the 2018 Summer Camp Staff

Changes and Refunds

  • Cancellation or withdrawal within 15 days of Program Day start: No refund of paid fees or deposits.
  • Cancellations due to serious medical reason (requiring hospitalization or affecting ambulatory mobility): Subject to the Executive Director’s discretion. If granted, will receive a pro-rated refund for full day(s) to be missed (after notification) less a $35 administration fee. An original and verifiable doctor’s letter will be required for notification. Refunds are not given for absence due to any communicable illnesses or parasites (cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, lice, etc.), elective or scheduled medical/dental reasons.
  • Credits or refunds can not be given for late arrival, early departure, illness, absences, dismissal, or program / facility closures due to emergency, weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

The financial obligations of Camp Waterdown are fixed for each program based on the number of registered campers and the withdrawal of a camper does not lessen our operating expenses.

The online 2018 Summer Camp Registration Form does not accept changes or additions. Changes are only made by email or change request form.


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