Today’s Zoom Cooking Presentation was a wonderful success! Thank you!

Cooking with Olivia at WDCC

Hey WDCC and Camp Waterdown Families!!!

Our resident Chef Olivia wants to thank you all for taking the time this morning (Tuesday) to join her in the kitchen! We ALL had a blast, and it was so great getting to see all of you!! Families in our registered Toddler / Preschool and Before & After School programs will have, or will be receiving email invitations to our next Zoom Video presentations for families this week and next.

It’s a great way for your kids to see our staff and also to get a chance to see their friends participating in our video conferences. (Access by telephone for those with limited access is also provided.)

We regularly send email invites to registered families, private posts here on the web site, and also post our schedules on our Private Facebook Group.

Upcoming we have:

  • Family Fitness Fun with Katelyn & Kellie
    Tomorrow Wednesday April 8 at 10:00am, and again at 2:00pm 
  • Mindfulness Fun with Ryan
    Thursday April 9 at 12:00pm, and again at 2:00pm

(Personal Invites for the following are being prepared now and will be sent soon.)

  • Toddler Story Time with Julie, Erin, Katie and Shelley!
    Thursday April 9 at 9:00am 
  • Preschool Group 1 Story Time with Beata, Miss Sam and Shelley!
    Thursday April 9 at 10:00am 
  • Preschool Group 2 Story Time with Jessica, Dana and Shelley!
    Thursday April 9 at 11:00am

See you soon!

Here are some of our young participating chefs (we had more than 30!) in action (posted with permission from our families):


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