Week 5: Around the World, Transportations, and Game Travelling Themes!

Week 5: Aug 2nd- 5th!

Jr Explorers: Transportation Theme!

All on board! Hop on as our Jr’s explore the world of transportation from sky to water. Juniors will get an understanding of how trucks work by having a different vehicle in daily to help their visual understanding of cars.

Wacky Wednesday: Dress as your favourite community helper!

Download our Schedule: Jr Explorer Week 5 Schedule

Sr. Adventurer: Around the World!

Join us as in a mid summer wacky week filled with cultural celebrations. This just for fun week teaches us about different celebrations nation and world wide. Each day is a wacky day filled with fun activities. Please note we are travelling to these exotic destinations by our Holiday Imagination Coaster, no need to pack anything but lunch.

Wacky Wednesday: Dress in your favourite halloween costume!

Download our Schedule: Sr Adventurers Week 5 Schedule

Mavericks: Game Traveller Day!

Campers travel the history and evolution of games, from ancient stone games and hilarious outdoor circle games, to board games and modern video games.  From Mancala to Monopoly to Minecraft!  It’s a chance for our campers to try some of the most time honoured games. We explore how games make education and physical fitness fun; and how luck, chance, and sportsmanship are balanced with skill to make games appealing.

Wacky Wednesday: Dress in your favourite halloween costume!

Trip on Thursday: Gameopolis Board Game Cafe– Depart at 10am & Return around 1:30pm

Download our Schedule: Mavericks Week 5 Schedule 


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