I like the Organization, Location, Staff, Communication and more!

I am very impressed with the changes to the WDCC summer camp program.

I like the:

  • Organization (very impressive)
  • Location (great facility (WDHS) and use of lockers)
  • Sign in/out system (increased safety)
  • Lockers (decreases lice transmission, theft and is much more tidy)
  • Name tags for lockers (great us of lamination and white board markers)
  • Colour coding (re: groups, bracelets and locker location & name tags)
  • Staff T-shirts (bright colour and easy to recognize who is in control)
  • Staff (staff has be excellent in the past as well)
  • Signage (or wayfinding in the High School )
  • Communication: I just got a call from Katelyn today letting me know that both girls are having great days – which was so amazing to hear as our daughter was in tears when I left her this morning.  That call was so thoughtful and appreciated.
  • April 2, 2017

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