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Inside Out Feelings Stress Ball

Materials Needed Water bottle – air dried  Funnel  Chop Sticks or Skewer  Black Sharpie (other colors optional)  Balloon(s)-Blue/ Purple/ Yellow/ Red or Green  Yarn (optional for hair)  Fillers : use materials around your house  rice/dried lentils/ dried beans/ dried whole yellow beans/ dried peas sand/ dirt/ soil/ baking soda/ flour/ corn starch   Instructions:  Pour choice of filling into the water bottle using the funnel 

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Mindfulness Activity: Create a Glitter Jar

A Glitter Jar, like a snow globe, gives a child a comforting, mindful activity when worried, upset, nervous or angry.  Our attention is focussed on the glittering falling shiny flakes and takes our mind to a safe place.  The glitter represents all our thoughts rushing around madly in our heads and how they can settle as we practice controlled breathing while we watch them

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Art Activity: Raised Salt Paintings

This is a great, easy and colourful art project from that most families can do with supplies that are easy to find or often at home that also demonstrates the scientific powers of absorption and capillary action. The basics are copied here, but visit for a full tutorial video. Materials:  Card stock*  Squeeze bottle of glue (such as Elmer’s) or liquid white

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