Inside Out Feelings Stress Ball

Materials Needed

  • Water bottle – air dried 
  • Funnel 
  • Chop Sticks or Skewer 
  • Black Sharpie (other colors optional) 
  • Balloon(s)-Blue/ Purple/ Yellow/ Red or Green 
  • Yarn (optional for hair) 
  • Fillers : use materials around your house 
    rice/dried lentils/ dried beans/ dried whole yellow beans/ dried peas
    sand/ dirt/ soil/ baking soda/ flour/ corn starch 


Pour choice of filling into the water bottle using the funnel 

Use the chop/ skewer to help if the funnel gets clogged 

Blow up your balloon, twist it 3 times  

Attach the balloon opening to the water bottle opening 

Untwist the balloon turn over and shake the water bottle contents into the balloon 

Slide the balloon SLOWLY off the opening of the water bottle (so the filling doesn’t fall out) 

Pinch the end of the balloon to help release some of the air. Once all the air is released , tie the end of the balloon.

And draw your face (Feelings: Sadness/Fear/Anger/ Disgust/ Joy) and add some hair if you like.  

(Keep in mind that balloon quality varies and so depending on how much stress you have to relieve, stress could equal mess!  But we find if you don’t over-fill the stress ball, they hold out pretty well.)


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