Mindfulness Activity: Create a Glitter Jar

A Glitter Jar, like a snow globe, gives a child a comforting, mindful activity when worried, upset, nervous or angry.  Our attention is focussed on the glittering falling shiny flakes and takes our mind to a safe place.  The glitter represents all our thoughts rushing around madly in our heads and how they can settle as we practice controlled breathing while we watch them fall.

To create a glitter jar please gather the following

  • A jar or bottle/container with a tight lid
  • Oil (a light vegetable oil) OR clear “washable” glue actually works best
  • Water
  • Glitter, beads and/or food colouring (optional)
  • Cloth for any spills
  • A table to make your Glitter Jar on.


  • Fill the jar/ bottle up ¾ of the way with water (add food coloring)
  • Add a little oil (or clear glue) covering the top of the water close to top of jar (you only need a little room left for your glitter, beads and a small air bubble)
  • Add glitter and/or beads to fill the jar
  • Seal the jar/ bottle
  • Give it a little shake!

5 Fun Mindfullness Activities for Children (PDF) by Big Life Journal

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