Summer Camp Program 2020 Registration – Open Now

Summer Camp Waterdown 2020!

These are challenging times for all of us with a few unknowns ahead. We are planning our camp program to provide some flexibility and assurance for your family – and also in the safest way possible (changing as dictated by Hamilton Public Health and Ministry of Health requirements).

Our program will be kept simple (with our usual high educational value, child development goals, physically active, fun activities and games ) to avoid needing to make last minute changes. We’ll be concentrating on giving the best quality program with minimal outside guests, some video conferenced resources, local activities (where safe and advisable), and enhanced health policies and sanitization.  We will not be offering Bus Trips to Public Venues this year.

At this time no summer camp in Ontario has been given the go ahead to open, and so this is a tentative pre-registration pending approval and guidance from Health Authorities.


Program Changes as a Result of COVID-19

  • No payments are being taken before May 15 (or when we are given an official go ahead to run).
  • We’re allowing free changes and cancellations up to June 26.
  • If a camp week is cancelled before starting, due to extended COVID-19 closures, payments received will be refunded 100%.
  • Program changes have been made, and may continue to be made, to align with current HWDSB, city, provincial and federal health agency requirements and guidelines.
  • Program groups sharing a room will be limited in size along with enhanced sanitization routines.
  • Program selection will be done by anticipating your child’s new Grade in September

We will not request payments until we have approval to proceed with camp.

This year we are still planning appropriate Youth Programs for children entering Grades 9 – 12.  Our Leadership and Youth Programs will be announced and released in a separate registration form when they are ready.

Please review Rates & Hours, Calendar and Policies.

Use the START REGISTRATION tab to begin your registration

Summer Program Fees

Payments: Currently we are not taking any payments until May 15 or such date as we are approved to go ahead with Summer Camp. Unless extended, all Camp Fees are due to be paid by May 31 (or date of registration after that date).  We are allowing cancellations and changes free of charge until 5pm June 26

Jr. Explorers  2020 rates*: $225 / wk

$180 for Jun 29 & Aug 4 short weeks

For children entering JK/SK in September

Sr. Adventurers 2020 rates*: $205 / wk

$164 for Jun 29 & Aug 4 short weeks

For children entering Grade 1 – 3 in September

Mavericks 2020 rates* $205 / wk

$164 for Jun 29 & Aug 4 short weeks

For children entering Grade 4 – 8 in September

Leaders in Training / Youth Group 2020 rates: TBA

For teens entering Grades 9 – 12 in September under 18 years of age.

This is our teen-oriented leadership and youth programs currently in development.  These will be registered on a different form when announced.

Single Day Passes 2020:
Due to COVID-19 policies, we will not be offering Single Day Passes this year.


Camp Hours of Operation: 7am-6pm (*this is subject to change)
(Extended hours – if offered, and snacks** are included in your camp fees.)

  • Before Care: 7 – 9am* (includes a healthy snack**)
  • Core Program Activities: 9 – 4pm
  • After Care: 4 – 6pm* (includes a healthy snack**)

Location: Currently we are planning to operate our camp out of either the Waterdown District High School (specially prepared classrooms for each age group, personal lockers) – 215 Parkside Drive  OR Guy B. Brown Elementary School (55 Braeheid Ave) – depending on HWDSB Approval.

What to back: Peanut-free lunch***, weather appropriate clothing (clothes change and towel for wet activities), indoor running shoes, water bottle

Note: *Subject to Change.  **Subject to Approval and Change.
***In addition to common health practice, our population includes immunocompromised children and adults.

Have Questions?

Please remember that some things may change or not be up-to-date due to COVID-19 procedures and policies.

Many of your questions will be answered here, in our current Parent / Guardian Handbook

Otherwise please email for more information.

We are not able to accept “walk ins” on the days, so please register online early as space is limited.


Activity Calendars are still being reviewed and will be published here as soon as they are ready.

Week 1: June 29  – July 3 (Short Week, July 1st is a Statutory Holiday)

Life’s a Beach

What is better than waves, sand and wind blowing through your hair? Children running along the shoreline, splashing and laughing having so much fun! Well…This week we are bringing the fun of the beach to Camp.

Jr. Explorers (Entering JK/SK in September)
Bucket Full of Memories

Junior Explorers won’t only be filling up their buckets with seashells and sand but filling up their friends buckets with kindness, with inspiration from the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Sr Adventurers (Entering Grade 1 – 3 in September)
Soakin’ up the Sun
Senior Adventures will participate in sports and leisure activities such as frisbee golf, flying kites, skateboarding, and water activities and will have time to wind down and hit the links, while making their own mini putt

Mavericks (Entering Grade 4 – 8 in September)
Robotics Unleashed
In addition to the beach, it’s time for the Mavericks to bring creativity to their robotic designs. A t-rex, a monster or a Ferris wheel are all possible, as they learn how to build outside of the box and let their imagination guide them. This week will highlight multiple gears, contraptions and functions that can be incorporated in making something new. Unlike the structure of our robotics programs in the past, this week will be used to explore the understanding of mechanics needed to build and create.

Week 2: July 6 – 10

All About the Elements

Have you ever seen the concentration on a child’s face while painting, or their joyful expression as they experiment with materials. This week we will  inquire and create using the elements of arts.

Jr. Explorers
Creative Minds

 Junior Explorers will explore the magic of picture books! Junior Explorers will be connecting picture books and other children’s literature to their creative art projects as they start to recognize the creativity involved in the writing and illustrating process.  

Sr Adventurers 
Elements of Art Style Expo

Senior Adventurers will learn from both online and in person artists, and will build their creative confidence! They will create masterpieces using a variety of different elemental styles. From cartoons and comic drawings to bringing 2D items to life with different techniques and approaches, our campers will become the “Masters of the Art Expo”.

Illusionary Arts
Maverick campers will research, apply skills and try a variety of different techniques and skills to help build our curiosity and confidence in visual arts. Exploration will include sketching, blending, painting, and collage-ing with a variety of mediums as well as creating collaborative art projects within our groups and through leadership opportunities around camp. 

Week 3: July 13 – 17

Adventure on the High Seas

Jump aboard, because this adventure on the high sea is about to take off.

Jr Explorers
Ahoy! Pirates and Merfolk

Our Junior Explorers will adventure off to Neverland Island, where they will experience the life of a pirate and what it takes to climb aboard the captain’s pirate ships, through a week of sensory experiences, imaginative storytelling and sea life creativity. 

Sr Adventurers 
Deep Oceans and Shipwrecks

Our Senior Adventurers will submerge themselves in all things H2O, as they explore the Earth’s oceans, marine ecosystems and how we can be ocean advocates.

Survivor Island
Mavericks will seclude themselves on survivor island, where they will challenge and put to the test their physicality, taste buds and brain busters. Will you have what it takes to be this weeks sole survivor?

Week 4: July 20 – 24

Cirque de Waterdown

Why not make this Summer a dramatic one? As we focus on the 3 c’s, Confidence, Coordination and Creativity, this week is well-rounded with experiences combining physical, artistic, and musical development.

Jr Explorers
Clown Around Circus

Our Junior Entertainers will be expressing themselves through highly interactive music and dance exercises while exploring what is so fascinating about the circus. 

Sr Adventurers
In The Limelight

For our Seniors seeking the limelight of that stage, they will be guided through theatrical play, auditions, dance and rehearsals, vocal lessons and production. It’s a long way to the top if you  wanna  rock  ‘n’  roll. That’s right, this week is based upon  the iconic movie  ‘School of Rock.’

Let’s Rock, Let’s Rock Today
Mavericks  will be  doing it  all; acting, singing, dancing, directing, video recording, editing and more.  Each child will have a very important role in the production of a music video  that will be posted on our Camp Waterdown website for our families to enjoy.

Week 5: July 27 – 31 

Out of this World!

Putting a spin on “out of this world”, campers this week will get to experience a variety of different meanings of the phrase. 

Jr. Explorers
Space Walk, Run and Jump

Our Junior Explorers will be transformed into our Lil Astronauts as they embark on a week filled with science, sensory and truly “cosmic” adventures where they will learn about the planets and our galaxy. 

Sr Adventurers
The Mythical Olympics
Our Senior Adventurers will be embarking on a mythical adventure as they create their very own Mythical Olympics, being the creators of their own world, their own characters, creatures and much more.

Sharks and Shakers
Mavericks will be participating in a Shark Tank like no other, where they will be the creators of their own device as they will be inspired by Canadian inventors. 

Week 6: August 4 – 7 (Short Week, Closed for the Statutory Holiday August 3) 

Celebrate Summer! 

This week we will be celebrating our families, and the many cultures that the world has to offer.

Jr. Explorers
Celebrating our Families

Junior Explorers will be spending the week talking about our families. Our groups will be learning about the different family environments and structures that exist. We will also be exploring what makes us unique, learning about our friend’s family favourites, and creating abstract portraits of those who are most important!

Sr Adventurers 
Celebrating our Cultures
Senior Adventurers will be exploring different cultures in many different ways! Groups will spend time researching different cultures, and sharing the cultures that they have in their families. They will also learn about different music, art, and traditions of cultures through different mediums.

Celebrating our World
Maverick campers will be exploring cultures through one of the most different, but universal means – FOOD. Campers will spend time learning about kitchen and food safety, and learning about and then creating different cultural foods! 

Week 7: August 10 – 14

Camp Camouflage

There is something soothing about nature, sharing smiles and laughs around a campfire and soul searching outdoors. Our campers will experience what nature has to offer from its’ natural exfoliants to its mysteries and its’ animals. 

Jr. Explorers
Campfire Craze

Along with making smores, our Junior Explorers will create some of their own delicious campfire treats, and dive into the exciting world of camping.

Sr Adventurers 
Nature’s Bounty
Senior Adventurers will discover natures mysterious plants, crazy critters and all the magic it has to offer. They will discover the importance of natural fragrances, create exfoliates, soaps, and herbal relaxation techniques through nature’s very own gardens of life.

Nature’s Pathfinders
Nature will inspire our Mavericks and explore it all forms, they will train their eyes, minds and hands to create works of art from nature, perform experiments, investigate animals, their habitats and building natural shelters.  

Week 8: August 17 – 21

Time Travellers

Buckle up and get ready to take a trip down memory lane! Camp Waterdown will be transformed into a whirlwind of time travelling! 

Jr. Explorers
Wild Wild West

Our Junior Explorers will be putting on their cowhand hats and galloping into a week of Wild Wild West fun.

Sr Adventurers
Castles and Kingdoms
Senior Adventurers are learning about chivalry, dungeons and dragons in the era of Medieval Times.

Through the Decades
Mavericks will be kicking it through the ages as they learn about the history, the fame, and the inventions of self-directed inquirybased decades of fun!

Week 9: August 24 – August 28

Comic Con 2020

In a galaxy not-so-far-away in the depths of Waterdown Ontario, comes to life the action, the powers and the determination of Camp Comic Con. Bringing the likes of superheroes, action figures and anime to our stage one page at a time. This year’s Comic Con themed week will inspire through the stories of perseverance, bravery and problem solving as some of our greatest fictional characters come to life to inspire each of our campers in a unique way. Each day a new form of comic from DC, Marvel and more will come to life through literacy, technology and creativity!

Jr. Explorers
Leap into Books: Heroes and Heroines

Sr Adventurers
Comic Book Confidential

Characters and Cosplay

Week 10: August 31 – September 4

A Week to Remember

This week we’ll chill together and learn about each other and our community as we take every opportunity to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and have some fun getting us ready to tackle a new school year!

Jr. Explorers
Sr Adventurers

This year The Great Escape  is now A Week to Remember! and is open to ALL Campers

Normally the last week of summer vacation we dedicate to exciting field trips to your favourite attractions EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!  Unfortunately, this year, we felt this just wouldn’t be practical given the anticipated restrictions on social gathering for COVID-19 and parents apprehension as these restrictions are loosened.  So we have substituted a great program that emphasizes togetherness, community and family leading up to a new school year!


Currently we are not taking any payments until May 15 or such date as we are approved to go ahead with Summer Camp. 

Unless extended, all Camp Fees are due to be paid by May 31 (or date of registration after that date).  

We are allowing cancellations and changes free of charge until 5pm June 26.

We accept payment by INTERAC Email Payment, Credit Cards and Debit by Pay Pal only. We no longer accept Cash and won’t be accepting cheques this year.

Families require alternative payment options should contact our Executive Director, Shelley Bradaric upon registration at

Some families may be eligible for care subsidization through the City of Hamilton.

Instructions for Payments are included in the online form, emailed to you and will be available in your Family Registration page.

If your payment is not received by May 31 (or amended deadline, or date of registration thereafter), your registration will automatically be changed to Wait List status until paid and you may lose your space.

All registrations are tentative pending program approval by the Ministry of Education, HWDSB, and other authorities due to COVID-19 policies. Regardless of the anticipated payment dates shown here, we will not request payments until we have approval to proceed and the payment deadline will be adjusted as needed.


Want to make a change or cancellation?

You can either email us the change (make sure to mention the child’s name and program) at OR you can use the Change Request link found under each Registration in your Family Registration page.  Please be aware that restrictions, additional fees and refund policy may apply.


  • Should a Program Week be cancelled in advance due to a requirement by the Minister of Education or the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board, then we will refund your paid fee for that week in full.
  • Due to people’s changing summer schedules, change and cancellation requests made until June 26 will be provided free of charge. Each change or cancellation request made after June 26 will be subject to a $35 administrative fee.
  • Payment should be received between May 15 and May 30th (or upon registration thereafter) unless otherwise notified.
  • Cancellation or withdrawal 31 or more days before Program Week start, will be fully refunded (less an $35 Admin Fee after June 28).
  • Cancellation within 30 – 16 days of Program Week start will be refunded 50% of your fee.
  • Cancellation within 15 days of Program Week start: No refund or credit of paid fees is given.
  • Credits or refunds are not given for late cancellations, late arrival, early departure, illness, absences, dismissal, or program / facility closures due to emergency, weather.
  • Credits or refunds are not given for absence due to any personal occurrence of communicable illnesses or parasites (cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, lice, etc.), elective or scheduled medical/dental reasons, except as noted.
  • Cancellations due to COVID-19 personal quarantine, serious and unexpected emergency medical reason (requiring hospitalization or affecting ambulatory mobility and ability to participate) for all programs are subject to the Executive Director’s approval and receipt of an original and verifiable doctor’s letter.
  • Insufficient Funds Returns are subject to a $50 administrative fee.
  • Any refunds granted will be returned within 4 weeks time.

Camp Waterdown (WDCC) reserves the right to terminate the registration of or to withdraw a child from program participation at any time, at the Program Director or Executive Director’s discretion, in the interest of the child and / or the Camp Waterdown (WDCC) program. In the case of temporary withdrawal or permanent termination of a registrant’s participation, an affected child in attendance will remain in care until safely discharged to the designated parent or guardian. In such cases, a proportional refund for only full days terminated will be considered less an administration fee of $35.

 Please understand that the financial obligations of Camp Waterdown / WDCC are fixed for each program and the withdrawal of a camper does not lessen our operating expenses.

Wait List Policy

Space in our programs is limited (and we adhere to Ministry guidelines for safe and effective Adult/Child ratios). We reserve the right to refund and cancel enrolments as need if an accidental overbooking or program cancellation occurs.

Wait List

If the programs do fill, parents will be offered a spot on our Waiting List for full weeks in case we receive enough interest to warrant opening another group or openings occur due to cancellations. Wait List priority is not guaranteed as we do not take deposits, and we normally offer available space first to families previously enrolled in one of our full time programs.

Registration Process

Our process is a little different than a standard Online Cart system as we collect the entire registration and safety information in a series of one to three steps.

The registration process consists of these steps:

  1. Login or Create a New Membership (using the form at the very bottom of this tab).
  2. Create or Review and submit a Parent Record and then add Child Record(s) from your Family Registration page
  3. Use the Program Registration links that will appear next to your child’s name in your Family Registration page.
  4. If you want to make changes, submit a Change Request from the links in your Family Registration page (best way) or email

If at any time you encounter a problem or question, or your children are missing from your records, please contact

Our registration forms also allow a “Save and Continue” link function so that you can save your place while you look for information or answers.)

Please add “” to your Contacts / Address Book so that your confirmation emails don’t get flagged as “junk.”

You may return to your Family Registration page at any time to review your registration or to check on its status.

Most other questions will be answered here, in our current Parent / Guardian Handbook .

Prior Camp Waterdown Registrants / Members

Your prior registration information from the past year is held in our system to make registration for multiple programs easier.  

For Safety, we DO require that you review both your Parent Record information and your Child’s Record information at least once a year.   


  1. IMPORTANT: Review the Program Information tabs (to the left) FIRST before logging in and registering.
  2. Login or Create a New Membership (using the form below).
    • To avoid confusion, it is important that you do not create duplicate accounts.  If you have lost or forgotten your original email address, then please contact with both your old email address and your new one, and we will make an adjustment so that you can proceed.
  3. Create or Review and submit a Parent Record and Child Record(s)
  4. Use the Program Registration links on your Family Registration page (in the Child Record and Registration Tab).

If you think you have a registered member login, but the system does not recognize you, or your parent record or children are missing, then please email and we can look to see if you have an account under an old email address or a back-up.

Use the START REGISTRATION tab to begin your registration.