Update on Extension of the Before and After School Program Affordability Grant

Dear School Age Before and After School Families,

Good News! We have confirmed that the City of Hamilton has now extended the Schoolage Before and After School Affordability Grant through to the end of December 2024 (originally ended June 30, 2024).

This program was in place during the 2023 – 2024 school year affording our families a reduction in care fees. Children aged 6 – 12 years not already covered by CWELCC for under 6 year old’s (or a personal City Subsidy) will pay $6/day for Morning Care and $9/day for Afternoon Care ($15 total for Before and After School Care) for each Instructional Day and Statutory Holiday. (These rates do not apply to Summer Camp or School Holiday care.)

We have amortized these daily rates over 4 months to the end of December to arrive at a stable monthly rate (avg of 19.5 days per month) which is the same rates as at June 2024.

Parents / Guardians are required to sign back a Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment Letter to receive the affordability grant and allow us to share consent data with the City.

Please sign your Acknowledgment Letter to receive this grant on the website here: https://www.campwaterdown.com/affordability-plan-consent/ (If you are signed in as a Member, it will fill most of the form for you to sign.)

If you have already paid a deposit for September, then any difference will be credited to your October fees.

The City of Hamilton re-imburses us directly from tax funding for the difference up to a cap of $25/day.

Should the same or a replacement funding program NOT be renewed in 2025, then the posted rates in grey below will be charged starting January 1, 2025.

Grade 1 – 8 Before and After School Program 2024 School Year
Monthly Rates (Ages 6 years and up)

# Days per Week Before School Only After School Only Both
Before & After
5 $ 117.00 $ 175.50 $ 292.50
2024 Rates are Subsidized by the City of Hamilton Child Care Affordability Grant
(currently effective to December 31, 2024)

Current daily rates for ALL families without a separate City subsidy approval or CWELCC (Kindergarten) applicability (rates shown by month above):

  • $15 /day for Morning and Afternoon Care
  • $6 /day for Morning Only Care
  • $9 /day for Afternoon Only Care
  • Grade 1 children who have not yet reached their 6th birthday will be given the lower rate of the Affordability Grant or the CWELLC program until the month of their birth date.
  • Monthly rates are based on Daily Rate for 78 days (75 Instructional Days + 3 Statutory Holidays) and amortized over 4 months (September to December)
  • Part-Time and Single Extra Days care is not available.
  • We are then compensated by the City of Hamilton up to $25 per child per day.
2024-2025 Original Market Rate (not in effect until January 2025)
5 $ 280.41
$ 387.66
$ 496.67
Single Extra Days* $ 23.00 $ 33.00 $ 42.00
Part-Time Schedules and *Single Extra Days are NOT currently being offered except by review and consent of the Executive Director.
Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Wayne Powell
Manager of Administration and Registration
Waterdown District Children’s Centre / Camp Waterdown


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