Welcome to Camp Waterdown Guy B. Brown Elementary Before & After School Care Program!

GUY B. BROWN Families,

Those who are fully registered for our Before and After School programs will have received confirmation of your enrolment by email.  If you have not, then please double check your Spam Folder first before contacting register@campwaterdown.com

Please read through carefully and do not hesitate to contact us (info@campwaterdown.com) with any further questions you may have.

School Address: 55 Braeheid Avenue, Waterdown, Ontario L8B 0C5

Contact information: We can be reached at our primary cell phone number (905) 902-1261 by phone call. Voicemail messages are monitored from 7-9:00 and 2:30-6pm.

Bell Times: 8:35 am with teachers on playground duty at 8:25 am, and 2:55 pm dismissal to our program.


You may not park even temporarily in the GBB school parking lots. Please find safe legal parking on Braeheid Avenue or side streets and maintain proper distances from stops signs, crosswalks and fire hydrants. As a friendly reminder do not park, even temporarily, in the school bus or fire zone lanes in front of the school as cars will be ticketed, and pay close attention to the street/parking lot signs before deciding where to park.


If your child(ren) are absent, please call our program with details for attendance. Please continue to refer to the COVID-19 school and child care screening (https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/) for information regarding COVID-19 related illnesses and absences. We are required to exclude children who are symptomatic arriving at or during our programs according to City of Hamilton Public Health guidelines for communicable diseases.

7am until 8am – Parents are permitted inside the building to access our program and to drop off and pick up children.
Masks are optional. We will continue to support those children, parents and staff who do want to wear masks.

The first week there will be signs and greeters to help you find your group room, so we do suggest arrival between 8am. (After 8am, children will normally be outside of the school in the play areas.)


To Be Confirmed: In the mornings, we ask that when dropping off you park your cars in the bus lane at the front of the school if you can (no idling please). Otherwise carefully choose legal side-street parking. There aren’t enough visitor parking spaces in the parking lot, and teacher’s spaces get blocked accidentally if our families park there. We are in the process of confirming that last year’s practice will still be required, and will update GBB families, with parking options, should they change.

Note: Parking in the bus lane is allowed from 7:00am to 8:00am until further notice.  Bus Lane Parking is NOT permitted in the afternoons.

Not permitted: parking near the back field, in the Fire Lane, or within the Kiss and Ride. When street parking please observe required distance from cross-walks, street corners, private driveways, and stop signs as each year at our schools there are families who park too close causing a student, neighbour and pedestrian hazard, and you may get ticketed.

If you have not already done so, please inform your school teachers that your child is in before or after care and provide them with your child’s schedule. Reminding Guy Brown’s teachers of your schedule will help them keep note of this and reference it for smoother afternoon pick-ups.

  • At this time we provide a morning snack with individually packaged peanut free, tree nut and sesame seed free items, between 7:00am and 8:00am. If you have any concerns or wish to provide an alternative for your child, please reach out to our program supervisor at the number given above before attendance.
  • Our program uses rooms located in the school, your drop off rooms will be communicated by staff during the first week of your attendance.

At approximately 8:25am

  • All children are dropped off by WDCC staff to school supervision in a designated area provided to us by the school
  • All children will be given clear direction and guidance on where to go, when to go and our educators will make sure they get there safely and comfortably

At 8:30am the school day starts and the children follow school protocols


After school pick-up – 2:55pm – 6:00pm (arrival by 5:55pm)
In the afternoons, the children will be picked up from their classroom teachers at 2:55pm and brought to their aftercare group by our educators. We will ensure that all children arrive to our program safely.

Our afternoon classrooms have direct access to the kindergarten pen and we ask that you pick up your child(ren) at the kindergarten pen gates.

Please park in an available visitor space in the main parking lot only or in a legal street parking space only (no afternoon parking in the bus lanes, fire lanes, Kiss & Ride, back field road). Pay attention to signs.

Our program will be outside playing in different locations and only occasionally will be inside

Senior Adventurer Groups outside on the back blacktop or field
Junior Explorer (JK/SK) Groups outside in the Kindergarten Pen

  • Should the school doors be locked and no greeter on duty, or you cannot find your child’s group, please call or text 905-902-1261 for instructions.
  • At this time we provide an afternoon snack with individually packaged peanut free, tree nut and sesame seed free items, usually between 4:00pm and 4:30pm. If you have any concerns or wish to provide an alternative for your child, please reach out to our program supervisor at the number given above before attendance.

If someone other than their legal guardians are picking up: Please provide us with their name and address, in person or by telephone, well in advance otherwise we can not release the child into their care. Detailed information can also be left on our answering machine in the morning only. Only the Primary Registering parent can normally make changes to your authorized pick-ups unless previously authorized in your registration. ALL adult pickups must provide their government photo ID and lower their mask, if any, temporarily if needed for identification at the time of pick-up. ID will be expected from parents and legal guardians as well, until staff are familiar with the individuals picking up children.

Additional Information

Please do not stop, idle or park, even temporarily, in any fire lanes or the back field parking lot, as cars will be ticketed. Please do not park too close to stop signs and crosswalks, and pay close attention to the street/parking lot signs before deciding where to park.


If your child(ren) is sick or will be absent from the program for ANY reason:  Parents are required to call in by phone to notify us of any absences, including planned absences like a vacation or a child being off sick with details about any COVID-like symptoms they are experiencing.

Note: Please give us a phone call or text (only) and leave a message with your name, your phone number, your child(ren)’s name(s) and date.

Please do not send absence information by email as we do not monitor for it.


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