Welcome to Camp Waterdown Mary Hopkins Elementary Before & After School Care Program!

Mary Hopkins Families,

Those who are fully registered for our Before and After School programs will have received confirmation of your enrolment by email.  If you have not, then please double check your Spam Folder first before contacting register@campwaterdown.com

We do apologize that we have not yet been able to offer a space to all those families who pre-registered, but continue to work towards adding space as permitted.

Please read through carefully and do not hesitate to contact us (info@campwaterdown.com) with any further questions you may have.

School Address: 211 Mill St N, Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H0

Contact information: We can be reached at our primary cell phone number (905) 902-1236 by phone call or text message. Voicemail and text messages are monitored from 7-9:15 and 2:30-6pm.

Staggered Entry Reminder: This year children have a staggered entry the first week with only half (Last Names A to K) attending Monday September 14, and half (Last Names L to Z) attending Tuesday September 15. Please refer to any communication that has been provided to you by the School. Our programs can only provide care to those children who are in full attendance those days.

Bell Times: 9:10 am with teachers on playground duty at 8:55 am, and 3:30 pm dismissal to our program.


Parking will be determined by which screening station you will be assigned. As a friendly reminder do not park, even temporarily, in any school bus or fire zones in front of the school, or in the parking lot round-about, within 3 metres of a fire hydrant, or 9 metres of a cross-walk or stop sign at an intersection, as cars will be ticketed, and pay close attention to the street/parking lot signs before deciding where to park.

Morning Arrival, Screening & Schedule

Arrival begins at 7:00 am, ends at 8:30 am.

All children and adults except exempted should arrive wearing personal masks. Children must be accompanied by an adult who resides in the same household as the child in order to be screened. We must administer screening each day and do not have access to your pre-screening from the school for mornings.

You do not need to pre-book or keep to any one time in the mornings.

Screening stations will have COVID-19 posters as well as necessary program details and hand sanitizer. Greeters/screeners will welcome you and assist you to your destination and facilitate screening.

Kindergarten children will be screened at the kindergarten pen in front of the school on Mill Street North and assembled into Room 222 with guidance from our screener and the JK/SK educator. Please park safely on Elgin Street.

School-Age (Grades 1 – 5) children will like up on the markers near the portables and assemble into the gymnasium, to their appropriate group, by our screener and the School-age educators. Please park safely on Main Street or the rear parking lot, but not in the church / cemetary parking lot.

Please park your car, and walk up to the screening station, masks on, being mindful of traffic, and maintaining 2-metres physical distance from other parents where marked.

  • Your family will be screened before your child is admited and escorted by our staff to their program area
  • We provide a morning snack with individually packaged peanut and sesame free items, from 7am until approximately 8:30am
  • A variety of socially distanced free flow activities are available

At 8:55 am

  • All children are dropped off by WDCC staff to school supervision in a designated area provided to us by the school.
  • All children will be given clear direction and guidance on where to go, when to go and our educators will make sure they get there safely and comfortably

At 9:10 am the school day starts and the children follow school protocols

Reminder: Parents will not be permitted to enter the school, except in case of an emergency. As such you may not drop off or pickup outside of designated times without making prior arrangements by phone.

You should confirm with the screener in the morning which time you will be picking up their child and by whom. Parents are strongly encouraged to keep their chosen pick-up time consistent from day to day, but if changes are needed for any reason, please let your child’s staff members know as soon as possible by phone call or at drop off. We have also requested that families notify us of their initial preferred time in a recently emailed online form (if you have not already done so): https://www.campwaterdown.com/september-2020-after-school-pick-up-time-preference/


If your child(ren) is sick or will be absent from the program for ANY reason:  Parents are required to call in and notify us of any absences, including planned absences like a vacation or a child being off sick with details about any symptoms they are experiencing. If you are absent without contacting us, our staff will be calling you.

Note: Please give us a phone call (only) and leave a message with your name, your phone number, your child(ren)’s name(s) and date. Please do not use email for notifying us for unexpected absences. Our program emails will not be checked regularly enough to avoid a Safe Entry Protocol procedure for an unexpected absence.

Afternoon Schedule & Pick-Up

At 3:30 pm:

Kindergarten children will be picked up from an area assigned to us by the MH principal, by their group leader. This group will use Room 222 and the KG pen for outdoor time.

School-age children are to meet their educators in the gymnasium. These groups will be using both sides of the gym and the stage with a space out back of the school for outdoor time.

  • As per our safe arrival policy, we make sure to check with the office if there are any children that haven’t shown up and we haven’t been notified of an absence in advance.
  • Afternoon children are assumed pre-screened by the school’s own Safe Arrival Policies.
  • Weather-permitting we will be outside from 3:30 pm until 4:00 pm daily.
  • Snack is served after outdoor time with individually packaged peanut and sesame free items
  • A variety of fun socially distanced activities will be available.

Parents can choose a pre-determined pick-up time of either 4:15pm or 5:30pm only for Kindergarteners or 4:30 pm or 5:30 pm only for School-agers

Upon arriving just before your pick up time; parents/guardians must park their cars in desginated legal parking spaces, and line up, wearing masks unless exempted (and lowering them to be identified when asked), maintaining 2-metres physical distance from other parents where marked. Our pick-up locations are the same area where children arrive in the morning. Please park safely and be careful of traffic.

At these times and these times only, the children will be brought out by one of our educators to meet their parents.
If a person other than their legal guardians are picking up: Please provide us with their name and address in advance otherwise we can not release the child into their care. Detailed information can also be left on our answering machine or sent via text message. Only the Primary Registering parent can normally make changes to your authorized pick-ups unless previously authorized in your registration. ALL adult pickups must provide their government photo ID and lower their mask temporarily if needed for identification at the time of pick-up. ID will be expected from parents and legal guardians as well, until staff are familiar with the individuals picking up children.

Additional Information and Program Documentation

We are going to be using a new online platform to connect with families, showcase our documentation, and communicate with our families during COVID-19. More information to come!

2020 / 2021 PA Days, Winter Break & March Break sign up details and program calendars will be available on our website: https://www.campwaterdown.com as more information is released to us for COVID-19 policies.

Our Website (campwaterdown.com) and Twitter (@CampWaterdown) will be updated with information on special occurrences, including weather cancellations.

Sincerely and on behalf of the Before and After School Staff at MH, we wish you the very best start to a new school year and are excited to see you soon!

Wayne Powell
Manager of Registration and Administration


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