Mary Hopkins Before & After School Community Involvement Project

Each of our Before and After School Programs engaged in different community involvement projects leading up to the Holidays. We are very proud of all our students and their commitment to making a difference in our community, country and world!

Letters to our Military Service

For the soldiers who cannot be with their families over the holidays, a special card can be life changing.

After our Remembrance Day creative art activity, Mary Hopkins B&A children were excited to start writing letters to our soldiers, as it is something that we do each year in December. Many of the children asked questions while they were writing their letters and making their pictures, about why the soldiers do what they do, the different jobs and roles they have within the military, how long they are away from their families, and how that can affect them and their families around this time of year.

Some children thought that it was very sad that they wouldn’t be home with their families, while other children wondered how they would celebrate. Some of the children even taught us educators a little something, too! Did you know that during the holidays in World War 1, that for some soldiers the war would stop for a Christmas truce and the soldiers would celebrate? We learned that very from our Spider Monkeys group! Our Kangaroo group asked many questions of why the soldiers can’t come home, and why some of them are overseas with no active war going on?

With the letters, the children wanted to show their support for all of our soldiers who are fighting for our safety every day. Below you can see some of our beautiful pictures, as well as the letters with our kind words on how much we appreciate what they are doing for us. We wanted to wish them Happy Holidays, and we are very excited for the soldiers to receive our letters. We hope this will bring some laughter, cheer, and warm wishes during these difficult times.

Our letters have been sent to the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton where they will then go to different bases around the world.Mary Hopkins Before and After School Letters to the Military


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