WAITING LIST: 2023-2024 Before and After School Registration

Wait List Registration for the 2023 – 2024 B&A program is open to all families, starting here: September 2023 B&A Registration Info

(We do not know at this time whether we will be able to expand our capacity to allow further enrolments before September.  An announcement will be made on the web site and to existing Wait List participants at that time.)

Some notable changes:

    • Only 5-day Programs (5 Mornings or 5 Afternoons, or 5 Mornings and Afternoons) will be available to Kindergarten aged children (we will have not part-time offerings for KGs)
    • We will prioritize registrations for 5-Day Programs to help improve our programming quality
    • All Part-Time Registrations (i.e. less than 5 Mornings and/or Afternoons) will be put on a Wait List pending allocation after we determine remaining space
    • Kindergarten Fees are the same as now and set by the government and municipal CWELCC program
    • School Age Fees have only modestly increased, with a significant increase for Part-Time schedules.  You will see these rates at time of registering.
    • A September deposit will be required from all families (not fully subsidized) to book your space once offered
    • Payment will be by Pre-Authorized Debit, or Credit Card Subscription through the Plooto system
    • Flamborough Centre will only offer 5-day Afternoons Programs
    • Withdrawals will require a minimum of one full calendar month’s advance notice (i.e. notice given in November to withdraw at end of December)
    • Requests for reductions or changes in care schedule (part-time schedules) will only be offered to school-aged children (GR 1-8) if there is no one on our Wait List (otherwise the only option would be to withdraw completely to our Wait List, or continue on the same schedule until there is no one seeking the same schedule on the Wait List). Unfortunately we are no longer able to be as open to changes in schedules or reductions in care (other than complete withdrawals) throughout the school year as we have been in the past, but families may apply in writing for special consideration in circumstances to be approved by the Executive Director.

All of these changes are intended to help improve the quality of our program by ensuring that child groups and staff can remain as consistent as possible.


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